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ISO Parts Thread:

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Any damage on the front passenger door. Im looking to replace mine a few months down the road from now. I really only need the metal shell of it to replace mine which is pretty banged up.
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Do any of those 2nd Gens have transmissions in them still?

2005 S 4x4

2007 S 4x2 This one used to be white and had been color changed to something similar to granite. Who ever did the work did a decent job.

2008 Frontier

2006 Pathfinder

Got green?

2000 This one is a little odd. Looks like previous owner had just Plasti-dipped the trim on this one. They either took it for a drive before removing the masking or it was hit while parked. Yellow X in the background.

Mineral blue 2001 Don’t see many of these on the road. 2000 next to it.


Other Nissans

Murano, Jaws of life were used to cut the B pillar off. The put it along with the attached back door through the windshield.

2005 350Z
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