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So I have to replace my tires for next inspection. and I've settled on falken wildpeak at3w
reviews are great and other X owners seem happy with them.

I was resigned to spending $123 a tire (cheapest price generally and at walmart) plus whatever to get them mounted and dispose of old tires, etc,etc.

but then today I came across this.

It has these tires at $58.99 each so less then half of what I could find these tires for previously. But it's one of those sale ends in 12 hours thing. BUT. I've never heard of this site and I'm a little leery of whether this is a scam or not as some of the english is off.

Anyone every buy anything off this site? Thoughts?

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Too good to be true, IMO. First off, returns for store credit only, you're responsible for return shipping.

Why does have a low trust score? has a low trust score. The website may be a scam.

Scamadviser gave a low review to based on several data points we were able to find online (such as reviews on other sites, phishing reports and public data such as the address of the company and server).

The rating of the website seems low. Our automatic analysis may however be wrong and may be legit and safe. It is recommended to always do your own check as well.

Positive highlights

This website offers "get your money back" friendly payment methods

Negative highlights

The website is using a computer that hosts other websites

The registrant contact email address doesn't appear to work

According to Alexa this site has a low Alexa rank of 11803434

The speed of this website appears to be slower than average

This website has not had any feedback on WebOfTrust (WOT).

This online store has no SSL certificate (communication is not secure)

This website is 1 Years, 344 Days days old

The website expected life (365 days) is relatively short

This website's setup involves 2 countries

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