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Is 4x2 worthless?

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I was thinking that my 4x2 is not worth modding since it will always be a 4x2. But seeing the damn commercials and reading about the good times that you guys are having its getting harder to resist.
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It's not really worthless per say. I originally hated the X if you could believe it and the wife kept bugging me for one so I bought her a 2wd '03 Xterra with the 4 banger. We then got into to wheelin. The wife hated it as we would have to get strapped over things but on most of the trails I was able to keep up with everyone and needing to be strapped every once in a while. If you are going to want to trade in you're going to be upside down. I had to wait 2 years before I got my new one and was still upside down $7k. Of course the value of my rig went down dramitcally after the next gens came out. As long as they don't make any super big changes in the 07-08 time frame then you can mod your current rig out to your heart's content and then swap everything out when you get your 4wd model or you can save the money that you would do for the mods and use that to get a 4wd model earlier. You'll be able to do a good bit of stuff and that actually makes you pic your lines a lot better then if you orginally start out in a 4wd vehicel and makes you a better driver. Remember you can have the world's best 4wd ever created and still get stuck on or in something that even a person with 2wd can get through if you're a crappy driver.
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Also in regards to the straps PLEASE get the ones that DO NOT have the hooks on them.
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