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Is 4x2 worthless?

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I was thinking that my 4x2 is not worth modding since it will always be a 4x2. But seeing the damn commercials and reading about the good times that you guys are having its getting harder to resist.
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Another appraoch is to make your X the first bad ass pre-runner X!!! Get in touch with Total Chaos, SLR, or PRG and get the long travel suspension etc and head off to Baja or Dakkar
I second that!!!

That's my plan and what i've got in the works... though it will take time!
About being useless, no way... it gets you to and from work everyday doesn't it! As far as offroading goes you just have to realize the 2wd limits... yeah, it's not going to fair that well in Moab rock gardens but get better suspension and tires and you can't beat it in the dunes and desert.
With 2WD forget creepy crawler stuff think "fast"!!

Here's a couple pics of a proper built 2WD... it's an '01 that belongs to "socalpunx" from XOC. The lift is an SLR stage 5 with SAW's and bilstein bumpstops that gives 12-13" travel.

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