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iPod Interface Install (Sort of)

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Attempted my first mod today w/ some degree of success. The Nissan iPod interface fits 05-06 Xterras equipped w/ 6 disc CD players. It consists of two parts: the interface, part # 999U7-VR000, and a harness, part # 999U7-VS000. If you have satellite radio, you will need an additional harness (part # depends on whether factory or dealer installed).

The harness plugs into the N-Bus of the radio on one end and the interface on the other. A ground wire is in the harness bundle w/ an eyelet connector. The interface comes w/ another cable w/ a DIN connector on one end and the familiar iPod dock connector on the other. The DIN connector plugs into the interface and is routed to the other side of the truck and comes out in the back left hand side of the upper glove box, where the iPod will reside.

I attempted to follow the instructions I downloaded at Courtesy Nissan website ,but the pictures were not clear and I still can't figure out how to remove the upper and lower glove boxes, the lower driver instrument panel, and the LH/RH front pillar lower finisher panels. Had I been able to remove (and hopefully reinstall correctly) these parts, I would have had no problem with the install. Locating the N-Bus connector and wiring everything was a snap, but without getting that lower instrument panel off, I could not mount the interface where suggested, nor pass the cable towards the glove box. Without removing the upper glove box, I can't drill the hole for the cable. So basically I'm all wired correctly, but got everything stuffed up under the dash and the dock cable tucked under the console up to the hand brake. Not exactly nice and neat, but it works.

Using the interface is not very intuitive but the operating instructions are pretty clear. Moving through the menus is time consuming, and there is no setting for shuffle play. But it does sound good w/ the RF system ... way better than the radio (I haven't played any CD's since I was hoping to get this adaptor since my entire CD collection is on my iPod).

If someone could walk me through the removal of the pieces of the dash I mentioned, I would appreciate it. Photos of the how-to would be good. I would really like to have this completed before a trip I have planned weekend after next. The dealers around here were going to charge anywhere from $100-250 for the install so I figured it was worth a shot to do-it-myself. If I get the dash off to finish it up, I will post photos of what the interface install looks like.

Thanx in advance for the help.
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Check out this link. It might help you with some of your questions.;f=38;t=003085#000000
Thanks for the link. Cleared up exactly where to mount the interface, but I still don't know how to remove the parts to get access. Can anybody explain how to remove them?

The lower panel on the driver's side is just too easy. I pulled it out to get to the light switches.

There are two screws. One on the right is open and easy to see. The one on the left is hidden under a light gray trim panel that just pulls up once you pull the rubber weather stripping out a bit. Once you have the two screws loose you just tug the panel up and outwards to unsnap the panel.
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Thanx a lot! This was exactly what I needed. I was able to pop that gray piece of trim off and get to the second screw in about a minute. Finished wiring up the interface and securing it per the instructions. Still running the cable down by console and parking the iPod between the seat and the console. Now if someone can post a good picture like this one showing how to remove the upper and lower glove boxes, I can drill the hole for the dock cable, insert the grommet, pass the cable behind the A/C controls, reconnect, and be finished with this project. Again, thanx for taking the time to help me out.

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