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I've been working on adding a number of lighting and other electrical improvements to the X and found a need to know what the IPDM fuse assignments were.
This list is specifically for a 2010 SE, but should be applicable to all 2010 models, and likely quite a few other model years.
  • Fuse - This is the fuse number appearing in the IPDM as well as on the electrical schematics in the Nissan Service Manual.
  • Size - The fuse size listed in the service manual
  • Source - the electrical circuit supplying the fuse.
  • Description - This is my description of what the fused circuit is used for.
  • Ref - This is a list of each service manual section and page where the fuse was mentioned. The exception is fuse 52 and 53 which appear so often I just got tired of writing them down.

The sources labeled "Ign relay" provides 12v whenever the ignition is on or starting. I have not tested if this is powered on when only the ACC circuits are energized, but I suspect they are not.

Some sources, such as Battery are not actually connected directly to the Battery, instead, there is a large fusible link between the battery and the IPDM. I didn't bother to show the fusible links since they are external to the IPDM.

This is my first crack at the IPDM fuse list, and will probably need to be edited in the near future. Hopefully, this will be useful for others.

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FYI. I went to a junkyard and tried different ipdms from different vehicles. 2012 frontier, 2010 Xterra, the ipdms worked with no problems for my 2005 Xterra. Some ipdms on eBay are only 100 bucks. I just ignored the white ipdms and focused on the black ones.
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