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Hi all-

I recently purchased a top coil spacer and AAL lift kit from PRG and wanted to get it installed in the next month or two. I am from Boston but go to college out by Albany. I would do it myself out here but I was wondering if anyone had a garage and would give me a hand as it's gotten pretty cold out and it is my first time doing it (shouldn't be too hard since I'm pretty good with a wrench).

If anyone in the Albany area (within an hour or two) would be willing to give a hand or have a garage it would be greatly appreciated and I could buy some pizza and beer. It could even be a mod day.

If you don't have the ability to help, any shops in that area that anyone could recommend? I got quoted 400 and 600 which is pretty steep so I'd rather do it myself.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back!
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