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Guess what?

We are going camping!
And wheeling!

Where? We have no clue yet!!!!

But really, it will be somewhere in GWNF over the weekend. Daniel and I are working on something cool, stay tuned for details after the weekend.
(we have these things, called jobs, man they get in the way of fun stuff . . .)

So stay tuned for details.

For the record:
We will need wood.
It might get cold.
It will get dark at night.
You can invite your jeep, yota, samurai buddy
If you think you have enough food, you don't.
Same goes for beer, it gets cold and you need to warm up somehow.

(also, this will be in GWNF so all the laws of the area are in effect. That goes for guns and such)

When: October 17 - October 18

Oct 17 at 8:00am to Oct 18 at 1:00pm

Where: Some where in GWNF

Link to Facebook Event - VAXC Event Page
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