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'06 Off Road & '11 Pro-4X
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Xterra's Nickname:





Red Brick Metallic


Gray & Graphite cloth seats
Rockford Fosgate sound system
Fold flat passenger seat

Maintenance / Repairs Performed Since Purchase:
New air filter
New cabin filter

Mods / Upgrades:

On the X when I bought it...
Shrockworks front bumper
Shrockworks rock sliders
SPC adjustable UCA's
ARB rear diff cover
ARB diff breathers, front & rear
Optima "Red-Top" AGM battery
2" strut spacers (unknown brand)
Rear lift shackles (unknown brand)
17 X 9 KMC Mesa wheels (Black w/Gray Tint)
285/70R17 BF Goodrich Mud Terrains
Window vent-visors

Mods installed by my son & I since purchase...
FM modulator to play music from phone
Hood strut kit
Auxbeam, 110 watt LED cubes (need to be wired)
Switchback LED fog lights
Combriller, LED reverse lights
Katana, LED headlight bulbs - 70 watt / 16000 lumens

Purchased for the '06 Off-Road, to be used on this one instead...
Ironman 4X4 USA, Foam Cell Pro suspension kit
RuffStuff, recessed leaf spring plates
Hardcore Offroad, rear bumper w/ hitch & extra bracing (no swingout)
Maxi Trac (NAPA) 2.5 meter awning
JBL - GX Series 6 x 9's
JBL - GX Series 6.5's
Daystar, 4.5" wide polyurethane bump stops
2.5" Bi-LED Projectors, 110 watt
2.5" mini-gatling gun projector shrouds
Wood (1x4") & ply (1/2") for custom drawer system
VEVOR 30" / 250lb locking drawer slides

New Goodies, Install Pending
Rugged Ridge, 12,500lb Trekker winch
5th KMC Mesa wheel, for matching spare (backordered)
Kicker, KSC series 2.75" speakers

Offroading / Camping Gear:
ORCISH, traction boards
Ironman 4X4 USA, 17,600 lb snatch strap
Ironman 4X4 USA, Air Champ Pro compressor
350W / 288WH power station
Coleman, gas camping stove

Bought this ride on September 29th, 2022 as a tinkering project for my son and I, after deciding to retire the '06 for use on the deer lease. The kiddo will get drive it every now & then but this one is mostly MY TOY dang-nabit! 馃榿 Many of the goodies that were bought for the '06, like the Foam Cell Pro suspension, Hardcore rear bumper etc.. will end up being installed on this one instead. Camping gear listed above has been appropriated from the '06 for use in this one too. Future mods are still being pondered as I already have a long to-do list of installs to complete. Short term I am planning to swap the tires on the '06 (285/70R17 Terra Grapplers) onto this X, the BFG's are just too heavy & noisy for how this one will be driven most of the time (road trips, camping, fishing & the occasional off-road park visit) & get all of the goodies I already have on hand installed. First BIG new purchase will be a winch for sure!

The day I bought it...

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Wheel Tire

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

'06 Off Road & '11 Pro-4X
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Car maintenance / cleaning day at the Insane-O house today so I took the opportunity to crawl around & under the new X more thoroughly. Discovered that it has ARB breathers on the front and rear differentials & shame on me for not noticing this little tell-tale sooner...
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

Also found evidence that some level of mods were pulled off of the X before it was traded in...
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Automotive tire Finger Steering wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle door

This 4-plex cable runs from the battery down under the X & is cut off again about 3ft before the rear diff. Not something you'd use for an amp, so I'm guessing lighting that got pulled off.

And the final act for the day was to install this little beauty of a battery hold-down...
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Red Bumper

'06 Off Road & '11 Pro-4X
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Kiddo and I installed a set of switchback LED fog lights on the X today. Unfortunately, they aren't nearly as bright as the set we put on the '06. Color switch is also a washed out, light yellow vs amber so they will probably be a temporary addition.

Also mounted the Auxbeam 5" LED cube lights on the front bumper. Ran out of daylight so we still need to run the wiring, but they look good & ain't that what's really important? 馃檲馃檴馃檳
Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Car

'06 Off Road & '11 Pro-4X
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Updated to add a couple of recent additions & Christmas gifts.

Installed a set of Katana LED headlight bulbs yesterday & very happy with the results. They don't offer a sharp cutoff like a retrofit, but they are MUCH brighter than the halogens... without a ton of glare like HID'S throw with the stock reflector.
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