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INFO: Keyless Entry

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our x didnt come with the clickers for keyless entry.
can we order them using the vin?
they said it didnt come with any, thats hard to believe. what new car doesnt come with keyless entry?
maybe im wrong. how do i go about getting it.
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I prefer a Stiff wire of some sort. Brandon shut his door, it locked and the truck was running...OOpps

Less mess, but takes a little longer...

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I can't believe they took your owners manual.. When my VW had gotten broke in to, they had the manual open to the radio section trying to figure out how to take it out, Needless to say they walked away with nothing.
My :alien: powers are only used for the good, and usually for a good laugh after I open it within a minute or 2. People are always locking their keys in their car at my job. :help: I have even opened one in front of a locksmith who tried for 30 minutes, I opened it within 5, Man the expression on his face was priceless..... :banghead: Even offered me a job :sign5:
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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