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Greetings from Central Texas,

Recently bought the wife a "new to her" car and decided to keep the Xterra. The truck is a 2005 Tan 4x4 S Automatic with 117,xxx on the clock. Noticed that the lights in question would not light up at night. Never really bothered me when I would drive it, but now it has become a sense of pride in not letting this issue beat me.

My problem has been discussed at some length on this site but my specific issue is the lack of illumination for the 3x dials for the HVAC, the "A/C" and the airflow buttons light up.

I'm not sure if the 4WD selector dial is suppose to light up, but mine doesn't.

The shift indicator light next to the AT shifter does not light up either.

I checked all the fuses and they are all still intact. I recently attempted to find a replacement bulb to change in the shift indicator but the 194 did not fix and none of the local automotive shops did not have anything in their computer for a replacement and the local "stealership" had no idea what I was talking about.

I read on here about how wiring in the aftermarket stereo is directly linked to these different light components. What wires in specific should be checked?

What else can I do to fix this besides the LED conversion.

Let me say that this site has been very informative for big and small projects alike.

Thank you in advance.

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