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I have these wheel son my car, and I get terrible steering wheel vibration above 40mph. It's SUPER annoying. Just chattering back and forth.

I finally want to track down the problem, I've had it! I had my tires balanced at costco 4 years ago when I bought them, but when I called them to check they said they can't balance lug centric tires. I suspect that means they used the cone method and so the tires are not properly balanced when mounted to the Xterra.

I'm looking for a hub spacer for the 7089-6868. I believe the 7089-6868 is a 83.06mm diameter hub wheel.

I've been scouring the forums and while people do talk about lug nuts etc. nobody seems to mention if there is a hub ring available to solve this.

Can anyone help me find one?

(edit: Procomp customer service reports center bore size is 83.06mm)
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