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How-to: Timbren Bump Stops - PBR

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It's hard to spend money on a no see Mod, but this one is well worth it in handling!

I bought it to increase towing stability as I tow a dozer at times and a boat a lot.

The handling was a gigantic BONUS! Hindsight I'd do it just for that!

PS: I tried AIR LIFT Spring kit, don't waste your money it limits Droop!
Timbren don't!

EDIT 05 of 2007 Well here is my best example of Timbrens in action, this is a part where Autozone Bumpstops won't hold up. But you can clearly see and hear the comment from bystanders who are surprised I did not bottom out, Daystar Spacers, factory Shocks with 35K miles on em and Timbren bumpstops. Click link and play.

.......... And people act like they have no use wheeling, I won't wheel without them.

What it is and what it does can be found here: Home - Timbren Industries Inc. Suspension Products
In short, for me, increased towing capability, much much better handling without.

Rear sway bar installed, and Cure for nose diving front end with winch and winch bumper. PLUS, if you haul things on a roof rack on top, you WILL notice more stability with this mod for sure!!!

Restored all handling characteristics that the 2.5 inch lift took away. F&R Totally!

Where purchased:
Vendor gets A+++ Good e mail contact, read notes on Internet order,
went out of way to make sure I got the right kit with spacers for rear.
Good ship notification and quick ship!

Kits cost $154.00 each. $309.00 for both FREE SHIP special.

Front Kit is Timbren part no NF-1004A (You must drill out hole to 1/2 in.)
Rear kit is a Jeep kit, JRC01 With a Spacer (Shown) Fits perfect!

Lets start with front, before install, really no problems. But after install a really noticed much more stable front end especially on corners and under heavy braking. I'd say this kit is a MUST if you install a Winch bumper that really does have a winch in it.

Here is a pic of Front old and new. (Parts)

Jack up vehicle, support, 1/2 in deep socket to remove old bumpstop.
You must then drill hole on lower Control Arm out to 1/2 in. with a drill.
Put washer on bolt, install in hole, add washer on top of LCA then Timbren Bump stop, tighten. 10 min Max, no need to remove wheel.

Before front, old stuff it almost looks like pure metal but it is rubber.

New installed on front. Notice the clearance now, any tip and Timbren takes over! This is taken with weight of vehicle on the suspension. It is
riding just as Timbren instructions say. Even can rest on LCA.

Rear old and new parts.

No need to remove wheels but makes it a lot easier.

Jack it up, Support, remove wheel. Remove old bumpstop with a 9/16 socket
Clean the area, holding Timbren in your hand, offset goes outboard (If you install it wrong, it will hit top of U bolts when compressed, it should fall between them.) Install bolts, snug them, now whack Timbren to rearmost position. Tighten. Check alignment from side and rear, install tire and check for proper clearances.

After rear from rear.

What's left over & what it took to do the front and rear install.

After a very rugged test drive (lots of fun) Panic stops, Curves, Incline walls, drop offs, parking lot tricks, pushing to the max! No noises, silent operation, and outstanding stability for a lifted vehicle!!!! I got my X back!

Thanks for looking. And thanks to Timbren for time on phone and for extra effort getting me the right kit 1st shot!
If you do the Mod, and I missed something, PM me and I will add.

UPDATE Thanks to B Slater who tried these, (Pictured Below) Autozone Bump stops for front. he said it's a go, he put them on, by looking at them he thought they would not work too stiff, but after an install and a ride, he's impressed, you might be also, It's a cheap try out at $10 and 20 Min to install, I'd imagine you can chop the tops off a bit, but Slater says they work as is! Old parts can be re installed if you don't like it or want more travel for a OR event.

EDIT 06 12 06
Ok I did some flex testing today. Took some pictures, I'll let them explain. But, I'll leave em on when I wheel, Since I sissy wheel. In My "S" Full view of position.

The Extended side.

What they do when they get stuffed.

Ok now you have all the info, you decide. I find it is a perfect solution for all around driving, towing, road, and off road, but not so off road you blow your difffs.

ADDED 10 06 I have over 20K on this MOD flawless would not do without it!

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PonyBoy said:
If you have a chance, can u snag a shot of the front compressed?
You can't, that shot where it is almost touching IS with the weight on it. Good question. I should add that to Write up. This is what Timbren says it should look like on front, almost or touching. BIG difference with a SHROCKWORKS BUMPER AND WINCH. It acts like you don't have that weght up there now. Like 1st day I had it AMAZING!

Grunzen said:
Thanks for the pics now I don't need to ask how you mounted your MX6's. Mine should be here Mon. :laughing4:
LOL Added bennie shot for ya I guess. The bottom bolt is really tight, I used a Impact wrench. But it fits. Just note that.
D.B. Cooper said:
Great write-up and pics MC (I always enjoy your AC incorporation too). I'll likely add these bump stops in the rear at the same time I do my lift. Would you recommend these on the front also for someone that does not have the extra weight from an aftermarket front bumper/winch?
LOL My Ac picture board! Man I wish she would re read that e mail and write me an appologetic response so I can quit doing that. But I think they like the attention. LOL

Man I really needed the kuto's!!!!! Had a run of people busting on me here lately. '

Anyhow. I highly recomend this with a lift because it adds SO SO SO much to the stability. If you are lifting, Maybe wait a few days and then put it on so you know what you got! My azz bit a hole in the seat on some turns without this mod! I almost wrecked like 3 times! (No stabilizer bar in rear)

If you do a lift and you have NO aftermarket front bumper. I'd go at least Timbren Rear kit for $154 and then take a trip to Autozone and in the suspension dept you will se some aftermarket bump stops for the front. They are about as Tall as the timbren kit but guess what?
I think it was like $16.00 for the set of 2!!!! WOW!

Someone needs to try that out and let us know. Looks to me like they will fit the front no drilling. With my pictures and directions here, you can do in 1/2 hour or less!

At minimum, Timbren in rear and these aftermarket ones up front. I'll get the parts numbers and post it to THIS as an edit as soon as I see them again.

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eXTra fORt said:
Thanks for the update! Great write-up (again)!
Hey eXTra fORt, The Timbren Co. is a Canadian Co, And my Parts were fresh out of Canada! Top Shelf stuff! And again, thanks for the Kuto's I needed it!

Sometimes I do all these write ups and wonder if anyone uses the info.

Then today, I was doing a Snork, (Since no one wants to make one for thenewx) And I said: " screw the pictures"., And now I am looking at the work and I say, "I should have taken more pictures."

JUST like here, I take the bullet, I paid $154 for the front and I see something very similar, looks like it will work fine for the front for like $16?? If it does work, and I really think it will you guys save $136.00
I don't think they will hold what Timbrens will as far as weight, But I am positive they will add the stability and Hold up a winch and winch bumper and that's all we need to spend for.

So, while taking the bullet, and the brunt of the expense, I... for the thanks only, I make these reports so others shall $ave.

The Pioneers had arrows in their backs!
I can't wait until I am done doing mods!!!!
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That's with the weight on it, but what's it like if you stuff that front tire up into the wheel well. The stop should compress. I just wonder if it robs any upward travel of the front.
I jacked it up and it did not touch it. It would have to be an in motion on the trail shot to get it to touch and squish. You can tell by the pictures posted that it would limit upward free travel just by the size of the thing compared to the factory one. But you won't catch me taking mine off.

RogueClimber said:
MCYou have the best right ups!!! Only problem is with all these great mods you do I need to find some money to keep up...
Keep up the great work !!! :cheers:
Hey! It's all about saving my fellow X'ers money that I did not save. Not to mention time! If the Autozone Bump stops for the front work, everyone saves $138 bucks on this mod. Good deal at my expense.

I hope all this info will still be here, long after I fall out.

I'd call Timbren and find out. I have a Daystar lift and they sent me a kit that had a spacer for the rear. If all you do is tow, All you need is the Timbren kit to do that. No lift needed. I just can't say how good that kit is. I towed my boat with it, sweet sweet sweet! Better braking, no nose dives, and rode as if nothing was back there! Very stable. For what you are towing, you will hardly know it is back there. Especially if you have brakes on trailer. (Nissan recomends them after 200lbs)

I paid $154.00 for front, looks like these will work, Autozone, $9 someone try it and report back. Less than $175 for this Mod! WOW!

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dan galusha said:
MC,Is that the actual part number I see there on the white sticker? If so then I might just run by the store and pick them up.
Yep! But with an AC lift, you are so stiff up there, you don't need em do ya? I noticed big Diff in handling since Timbren, In Rear, no need now to put the Stabilizer bar back on. Fine like it is. And these keep the front from doing a dip on a heavy brake app as well as make it steady in curves. These are for the Front.

The 4WD must be at least an inch taller. Maybe not. Remember I put mine on a 4WD with a Daystar Lift. One thing for sure, it won't drop onto that hard factory bump stop, and the shocks should not bottom out. THey are made to "Take Over" but 100% contact is ok, just ride a lot firmer. Do let us know. Lod em up and Take em out for dinner, use some rough roads, jump the curbs at the mall.

kokopop said:
I need to get a set of these. Towed the trailer and some minoring bottoming out. My X and Trailer where empty.
THAT's What Timbren cures, Ya kinda want to call Timbren. I installed mine on X with Daystar lift, they said I need spacers, I got spacers, but without a lift, not sure if that part is thinner or not.

I have fun driving again, It handles like it did before I did the lift. I have so much fun hitting ramps faster than I am suppose to, I just might flip it! I can't believe how good it handles. Towing is a breeze, No bottom out, no noise.

The heavier the trailer, the more bennie from Timbrens. An X with Timbrens can safely tow way more than one without. UNLESS Equalizer bars are used that transfer weight to front end by using the frame of the vehicle. Best to use these on reall heavy loads like over 3000 Lbs GVW.

Your Tounge weight still needs to be 10 to 15 % of the load for control reasons. Too little and the weight of the load can pop the trailer off the hitch on a bump..... reguardless of how it's hooked, it's designed to have down pressure. Too much and you will get that sway back and forth as I know you have seen before. Ya want most of the weight over the axles but slightly more weight on the front than the rear to get your downward pressure.

I want to point this out though, fill the trailer tire COLD to Near Max Rated Pressure to get full weight Rating of tires. They are least likely to blow like this, get better mileage and are more stable. This goes for any trailer!!!

This is more strict than US but good rules and pics....Go here:

And here is great!

VERY well explained in these two sources
RV sites, Boat Sites are other places you can find more info.

Happy to help.
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As far as decrease in up travel, there has got to be. At least a 2 in loss I figure. But, It's not like I am going to notice. 14954 miles on the road aprox say 50 Off Road. Say 5000 a year towing...Pick your compromise. If i ever do get off road, I'll post how it does. I just love em on road.
They get pretty squishy, that's what Timbren brags about. They may squich out but I can't see how as much as factory especially up front.

B Slater, thanks for the try out, Sorry didn't work. I gave ya credit in org. post. I left the picture of what don't work.

See above post.

Thanks to you Jim for doing the 2WD experiment.
Now anyone considering that will know what to expect.
Now if someone had a quick release for em! Heh heh!

Ya Know, I have one of them hitch carriers, I bet I can use it now! I'll have to give it a try! I normally use a trailer to carry what can fit on that. Now that I have a lift, I can MAYBE clear the creek with the hitch Rack installed, and with the Timbrens..... No sag! Hummmmm. Good Idea!

My Friend Used my Hitch rack to haul his Moto Cross with a Jeep, with Timbrens I can bet you will be good to go! It's only going to squat an inch then sit on Timbrens. MC
Hummmm I don't know why I don't have axle contact. I have a Daystar lift, Pro Comp Shocks, and that it all in the rear. You saw the picture. I have the 1" gap. I did call Timbren about my install. I ordered from Mi Truck Spring who I had call Timbren to get me the right kit. Which I thought was a Rg Kit WITH spacers. You'd think the spacers would bring it down lower.

You guys make me feel lucky about my Installs, seems like mine go a bit better. Hummmmmm Can't figure this one out unless it's the shocks?
Did you guys get the same spacers I have pictured?

I was looking at my pictures, Before Daystar I took picture of height, and after. I got like 2.5 lift front and almost 3 in Rear. But, I do say what I have in my Timbren how to. Of course it would b different if you don't have a lift. All I know is it handles great with the Timbren. I did get a chance at some off road last week. Yep, you give up the stuff, but it's a squishy give up. I'd have to run some places I did before I put em on to see the real difference.

B Slater said:
I am thinking about going with the AC coils up front. I think my front is a little "squishy", of course I think the back is too.
Trader! JK Wait until you do the Timbren. Then decide. Timbren up front cures any brake dive ya get. MC
Hey Slate, I said try it, so if they work, the discovery goes to you. I tried the Timbrens, I said they work, they do, But The autozone ones are a whole lot cheaper.

I thought you said they were too stiff, I assumed you installed them. They seem stiff in the hand, but when installed hundreds of pounds push on them, That's what adds to the stability, the way they let it down slow.

If they work! People benefit from your experiment, and my discovery. Cool.

It's so cheap, How can you go wrong, they can be used for something else. MC
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