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How-to: Stereo Face Cover Mod - PBR

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Trouble with an Aftermarket Stereo is, that it will fit someone else's car, and they may want it, if they see it. Smash and Grab! To hide that Stereo or whatever (GPS) you installed or make the factory one look a little more hidden, here is my Mod.

You go to a Dollar Store and buy a Plastic Notebook. Now, Figure the size you want. Take the binder out and cut to size. You want to leave the Binder Corner in place, (The back part), this is important because you will need this edge to insert into the crack in front of the tray above the Stereo.
Pictured here is what I have done in the process:

You end up with a section that is flat and has a corner and the edge that fits into the crack at the top of the Stereo where the tray meets the dash above the Stereo, I start it with the corner and once you get that in the rest follows. Once you do it, it takes just a second to do it again. I have the part that fits into that cut to about 3/16th of an inch, too short and it won't stay and will be hard to install, too long and it won't go in. Start at 1/4 inch on that part and trim down. This is what it looks like installed:

And once you get it to fit you can cover it with a Contact Material of your choice, Vinyl maybe Carpet, Decals, you decide. Here, for that factory look and to make it match my CF Dash, I used CF and a Nissan Emblem and a piece of Door Trim to the bottom for weight to hold bottom down.

I always install this when parked in strange places, my whole System is hidden this way, they don't want what they can't see. But I think it looks cool too. You can operate the Stereo with it on, just by lifting it.

Note 1. Use a Heat Gun to add a curved shape, if needed to it.
Note 2. Be sure your CD does not get Ejected with cover on, it may strip the Gear on some models.
Note 3. I have used this method to create many parts such as a Sunshield that fits into same slot to Darken the Screen on Stereo and DVD's Also a cover for Center over Winch on a ShrockWorks Bumper, a lot can be done with a $1 Plastic Notebook.

I have used my for over a year and 25K miles no ill effects.

Another how to by MC
I take the Time so you save the Dime.
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That's a wonderful mod MC...........
And looks great too............
And cheap.............
And easy.............
Hell even I could do that!!!
Thanks for the write up and pics VERY helpful
Nice mod MC! My favorite mod are the cheap ones.
Nice man...

Where on earth do you come up with this stuff?
Fix ps3
Syndicate said:
Nice man...Where on earth do you come up with this stuff?
I have two friends that own a Custom shop, I visit and when they have problems I come up with solutions for them. This one was derived from an unavailable trim plate. (Goes around a stereo unit to make it look good.) I came up with this and kind of discovered it works for a lot of things. Easy to work with and cheap. Now they use it all the time. Their shop can be compared to what they do on "Pimp my ride"

But I admit it works both ways, they give me ideas and sometimes free stuff and at cost anything I need and super deals on anything else. MC
Do you store that thing in the glove box or what when not in use!?
All Hail MC!
Truly helping others through his experience.

Thanks MC.

PS - This is a great mod.
XterraOverload said:
Do you store that thing in the glove box or what when not in use!?
MAN that is a good question! I slide it into the crack into the top of the glove box and it kinda sits there. I'll take a picture of it stored and add it to the 1st post. You improved the post thanks! MC
That is sweet, but I have a question. What in the world is covering your Ignition switch. Whatever it is, I love the "NISSAN" on it.
alpine7513 said:
That is sweet, but I have a question. What in the world is covering your Ignition Switch. Whatever it is, I love the "NISSAN" on it.
Pictures below for an idea.

I did a 'How-to' on this, but not too many thought it was cool. You take a key and put it in. Take a Spray Cap the right size, (all depends on what ya want... I have two, one is real one and the other is a dummy). Ya, fill the cap with Construction Glue or JB Weld, (the kind that is like puddy), and ya put it over the key when it is in the X. Now remove the whole thing Spray Cap with the key and let it dry. Check it for fit a few times during drying and make any adjustments. It hardens in a day. Now you have a key in a Spray Cap. When you plug it in, no one knows where the hell the key is. I used a NISSAN Key Chain for the Logo on the Spray Cap. I use two, one is a Dummy for when I park for good. It is loaded with a key that dosen't work. Crooks look in and say WTF? I ain't never dealt with that Security System ****! Pass on this one!

If you are just in and out on runs, getting parts and stopping at the corner store, I leave the real one in and just use the Keyfob to Unlock and Lock that way I don't have to fumble for a Key and I can't Lock the Keyfob in because the Doors won't Lock with that Key in Ignition. .

Way back in my day, when I was young and Ignition Keys were on a flat surface of the dash, I used to do a similar Mod, But I used a Cig Lighter top to hold the Key and no one ever found a one of them, they all thought it was a Cig Lighter! LOL

If you do this mod, you will believe me when I tell you, it even fools the Dealers who know where the Key is suppose to be. They freak out! Every time I show up, they get someone who has not seen it to move it in and watch them come back and ask how to start it! LOL

PS: To keep the Glue off your Ignition. Put key in and use Masking Tape around it then Test Fit the Glue packed Spray Cap. My next one I am going to put a Blinking LED into the Cap and make it Blink on a Magnetic Switch using button Battery's.
PSS: The JB Weld works best though not as cheap, and stick something through the key's hole to give it something for turning force. Like a cut off Finishing Nail or just something to hit the edge of the Spray Cap on a right turn if you know what I mean.

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Thanks for finally posting that mod MC. I have been wondering about that for a long time. Now i finally understand how you fooled the dealer. That is pretty frigging cool. I think i might just do this!!
Sorry to wake this one from a couple of years ago. I'm trying to do this mod and I can't quite figure out why you need to cut out two separate sections. The edge with the edge of the binder slides above the stereo I"m guessing? Where does the other go? I know this is a stupid question.
i dont quite think it was necessarily 2 sections that were needed. it seems more like it was one section that was needed and the 2nd cut was just to get it the right size.

that's just my take on it though.
that CF setup looks absolutely sick
where did u get the CF to do that?
is it DIY?
I thought of doing something similar but I would like to be able to slide it up and down or something. Motorized would be sweet...

But now I have a new idea, and my new deck is going to look like this:

Yes, it looks the same... For now, what I'm thinking of doing (when I get my new touchscreen deck) is pulling the plastic face off of the stock RF stereo, complete with buttons and knobs, glue it together if I have to, and find a way to hang it over my new touchscreen deck so it looks like the stock one when I park it somewhere sketchy :drunken:

EDIT: Yes I will make a how-to when I do it ;)
All (5) Photos placed into PB's Purgatory, have been Resurrected for this Thread! :thumbup:
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