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So I started looking into Hi-Lift roof rack mounts and the price is just ridiculous. So with that in mind, I wanted to make a cheap and easy Hi-Lift mount that would work with the stock rails. Everything you need you can find at Home Depot for around $20-$30 depending on how fancy you want to get (i.e. stainless, extra washers, bike lock, etc.)

I have a 48" jack but this design allows for longer/shorter jacks to fit as well.


4 X hex bolt @ 1/2"
4 X wing nut @ 1/2"
4 X U-bolt @ 2" (AlmondJoy edition [with nuts])
8 X washers for U-bolt
4 X flat piece of 1.5"(ish) inch-wide steel @ 10"
4 X vinyl hose for U-bolts @ 6"
1 X firearm lock

OK, so first get your vinyl hose on your U-bolts

Next, get your holes drilled in the flat piece of steel for the U-bolts. Be sure to get as close as structurally possible to the edge of the steel.

Now mount your U-bolts from under the rack and place the flat steel on top (see last few pictures if you need a visual). You should get a shelf-like piece of metal sticking out the side of your roof rack about 8". CAREFULLY place the Hi-Lift on these 4 'shelves' (base towards bumper, handle towards driver) and mark through the holes in the jack where you want to put your 1/2" bolts to secure it to the mounts. Also, mark a line at the end of the 'shelf' to bend 90-degrees to 'cradle' the jack when mounting and to prevent lacerations of the scalp. See picture below. Drill 1/2" bolt holes.

Take your favorite BFH to your shelf once secured in a vice to bend the end 90-degrees. Have some fun at this step. Picture the face of a crazy ex or a terrible boss. The copier scene from Office Space comes to mind...

After this step, you're free to paint/bedline the shelf parts if you're going to keep these mounts on year-round; make sure you get stainless steel bolts and nuts as well.

Install and enjoy! I also added a strip of rubber between the metal shelves and my roof rack basket so my bed liner wouldn't scrape off when toting my jack. This design is VERY stable. I started doing pull-ups on the jack so it can at least take 185 pounds of force. Use your gun lock to go through a hole in the jack and around your roof rack for security.

This design will work with the stock rails, however I recommend tightening it down and a rubber barrier to prevent slipping or scratching.

The only downside I've seen so far is that the jack lip is facing outwards, but it's still within the width of the fenders. Just know it might snag a tree limb or two.

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