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How-to Request: Replacing Front Coils?

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can someone give me a how-to on this, or lead me in the right direction?
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PaulXyZ said:
goXJ said:
if you go to dan's personal web page, , then click on AC Coil Lift (I think), on the left column, you can get a how-to. most people- my self included- have just taken the coil-overs off then carried them into a shop for the swap out. it has been costing around $100 for the service and it's really saving you a lot of trouble and a very dangerous situation (if you're not experienced with that type of thing.)
Dead web site.
ditto, Dan fix the site, I need to install my coils next weekend and would love to see the how to. Are there any other how to step by steps that you know of?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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