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How-to Request: Leaf Spring install?

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Removing the sucky assed factory leaves, and installing new Alcan leaves so i need some help.

I have already changed the rear shackles myself, so i can remove that part easily but i need hints and tips to make the whole process easier.

MC already suggested doing one leaf at a time. And i get the feeling once i remove the U bolts the nuts holding them will need to be replaced (aren't they the teflon type nuts). Is there anything else? I have a floor jack, xterra jack, and two jack stands... so i know that helps. Thanks guys!!
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Go to my Daystar lift thread, good tips to get them off there. The trick always is to maneuver things so that they do not bind using jacks, blocks, straps, levers, bars, binders and all the finesse you use to convince the little lady to "hook up" with you. Take your time, be easy, a 5lb sledge should not have to be used. I think In that magazine with the x blade project they have some tips there. I read so many magazines and auto articles it's hard to keep tract. MC
Re: Leaf Spring how-to??

S_e_X-Terra said:
Removing the sucky assed factory leaves, and installing new Alcan leaves so i need some help.
Quick summary of Rancho rear suspension install into "Project X-Blade", from pages 71-72 of Feb/2007 issue of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine:
- jack up rear, and use jackstands
- remove OE shocks and U-bolts
- loosen sway bar end links
- remove leaf spring pack from right side (only do one side at a time, to help keep rear end aligned)
- they then separated the OE leaf-spring pack and added the Rancho add-a-leaf
- install leaf-spring pack back onto vehicle, securing with anchor/shackle hardware(they used new U bolts and nuts)
- installed new Rancho shocks
- reinstall tires, lower vehicle to ground, tighten all mounting points
- repeat for other side
- drive around slowly to settle suspension, then recheck all mounting points
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When I replaced one of my leaf packs, it was very straight forward and quick.

Remove shocks.
I removed the shackle bolt first.
then the 4 on the spring pad
then the front leaf bolt.

Make sure you torque everything to spec and re-torque after a few hundred miles.
Thanks guys... If all goes to plan these are going on tomorrow... but if not then they will have to wait untill February!! (going to Africa for a month)
When adding a leaf do you guys have any suggestions for replacement C-Clamps? I ended up prying open my C Clamps and then bending them back into place, and that was even what Calmini suggested with their kit to me. Granted, after my experience with them I am not the biggest fan but I never did find suitable replacements for the clamps on the leafs.
Aren't most U-bolts 1 time only use anyway? I'd also make sure that any U-Bolts you buy are long enough to fit that possibly thicker leaf pack you have there. When we replaced the leaf pack for a local AZXC guy on his 1st Gen truck we were lucky to find a place locally that makes custom U-Bolts to your specs while you wait. Not sure if that is the norm or not!

Good luck dude - take plenty of pics. My rear leafs look way to flat for the 17k miles I've driven on them, so that mod might be in my future.
You are right about U-Bolts being a one time use only, though Calmini does provide replacement U-Bolts for the leaf pack, it's the C-Clamp that holds the pack from horizontal splicing that I am hoping to find a replacement for.
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