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How-to Request: Hella 500 Switch Install?

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Okay, I have a serious need for help, because i have *No Idea what im doing.

Here is what im working with. The lights are connected and grounded and I have all the wires hooked up to the relay. Red=power. Blue=ground. Blue covered wire (black)= to both lights. Yellow=to switch

Now, this is my predicament. The switch that i am using isnt the factory one, its a rocker switch. here is a pic of both....


Here is a diagram of the new switch.

Remember it is a Four Prong switch not six (even though the diagram shows six)

**This is my question: Where does the Yellow wire connect to (from the relay) and what other wires do i run (I assume that i only run three since the original switch had only three connections. And i would like for these lights to run totally independent of my driving lights.

Sorry for the long post but i need help!! Thanks in advance.
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Hummm I am unsure of what this new switch is all about, in 4 wire switches sometimes the 4th wire is for illumination of the switch when off. Then it changes color when on.

But, you can take the + power from the lights and hook it to the old switch Load and it will light those lights. As long as the switch gets a power and a ground.

I'll PM you my Cell, I am driving to NJ you got until 4am to call me!
I'll be back up at like 11 am and off and on. MC
No problem, I like a new problem. Crazy switch though. The Note on the diagram explains it all, Just as we figured out before we noticed the note. MC
S_e_X-Terra said:
These are going on my shrock front bumper. I didn't tap into the parking lights or headlights because they will never have a cover on them, and if i accidentally leave them on i will hopefully notice (shame on me if i don't).

But I have another pair I'm going to mount on the roof later on (hopefully along with some air horns) and these will be tapped into the parking lights.

When i do that i will post it up.
Muzikman is right in wanting you to go to another power source. You will leave them on. Like um my Dog turned mine on. Ok let me make another suggestion, Take the 5 terminal and run it to the ING ON Cig lighter POS Top Cig on dash or easier to get to, open the cup holder and quick tap the Pos wire going to the Cig Lighter in rear console. This gives you power on when truck IGN. is on (Running) and turns off when you turn off the key. Be sure your fuse is in line and close to your switch but also covered by fuse in Cig circuit (10 amp) Kinda too beefy.

I highly suggest this, It's only moving one wire, easy easy and worth it.
I think I have heard you say protection 1st? And bonus is, it's a down line circuit tap, a harness that you can cheaply replace, the MC rule.

For others that are doing Mods and want a few, You can run a line from that ING circuit to the kick panel, put it on a breaker with terminals and use it for power for any switch the uses a relay that runs anything you don't want left on. When using a relay, the power to trip the relay in very very small and this circuit can handle it easily.

One side would be power in from Rear CIG POS and other one you terminal and put POS to any switch that will trip a relay.

Anything hooked to that will not tun on unless key is on. MC
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