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How-to Request: Hella 500 Switch Install?

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Okay, I have a serious need for help, because i have *No Idea what im doing.

Here is what im working with. The lights are connected and grounded and I have all the wires hooked up to the relay. Red=power. Blue=ground. Blue covered wire (black)= to both lights. Yellow=to switch

Now, this is my predicament. The switch that i am using isnt the factory one, its a rocker switch. here is a pic of both....


Here is a diagram of the new switch.

Remember it is a Four Prong switch not six (even though the diagram shows six)

**This is my question: Where does the Yellow wire connect to (from the relay) and what other wires do i run (I assume that i only run three since the original switch had only three connections. And i would like for these lights to run totally independent of my driving lights.

Sorry for the long post but i need help!! Thanks in advance.
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S_e_X-Terra said:
But I have another pair im going to mount on the roof later on (hopefully along with some air horns) and these will be tapped into the parking lights.

When i do that i will post it up.
Hmm... roof mounted lights. Back-up lights :) ?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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