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If your manual tranny X doesn't want to leave the cruise control on or if it won't go into 4lo you may need to replace the Neutral Position Sensor.

My manual transmission X didn't want to leave the cruise control on. I could always get the CRUISE to light, but it would rarely SET and even if it did SET it wouldn't last for long until the SET light went out and my cruise control was no longer controlling the throttle. After reading this thread I tried pressing my shifter further into the gear it was already in with my hand and I could get the cruise to SET and it would stay SET until I released pressure from the shifter. Thanks to that thread I knew I needed to replace my Neutral Position Sensor as it was normally sending a signal that the tranny was in neutral when it wasn't.

In a thread where a Frontier didn't want to go into 4lo it was found that the NPS was doing the opposite of when mine was doing, it was normally sending a signal that the tranny wasn't in neutral when it actually was, making it so it wouldn't go into 4lo.


part number 32006CD10B, Neutral Position Sensor, mine cost $21


Tools needed are a 19mm or 3/4" wrench and a 10mm socket. A couple wobble extensions make life easier.


Unscrew the shifter knob.

Pull the cup holder straight up to remove it.

Pull the plastic piece that goes over the shifter off by pulling straight up just like with the cup holder.

It will look like this.

Unscrew the 4 bolts holding the metal ring that holds the rubber boots on. I've had mine off before. Two of my bolts were seized and broke off. I drilled them out, a 5mm, 3/16" or #9 drill will work. Then I tapped with a M6-1.0 tap and replaced all 4 bolts with M6-1.0x12mm stainless steel bolts. Hopefully no one else has to do this but I'm throwing it out if it's not your day at least you know what tools and parts you need.

The old part you want to remove is towards the engine and on the passenger side of the transmission. You'll want to crawl under the X to disconnect the wires. The white plastic piece you see surrounding the hex and holding the wire will need slid off the hex by hand to remove the bad part with the 19mm / 3/4" wrench. If you've got someone even slightly mechanical with small hands now is a great time to have them help you unscrew the old part and screw the new one in.

The white plastic piece broke coming off my old sensor's hex. The new sensor did not come with a new white plastic piece. I believe it's purpose is as a strain relief, so I zip tied the wires on my new sensor to the hex.

Put everything back together in the reverse order.

This was a very rewarding sight on the commute after the sensor was replaced :)

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