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This past weekend I had to replace a broken hood stud on my 06' Xterra. I think this fix should work for everyone's Xterra...anyways here's what was done:

What you need:
x1 M8 socket and ratchet
x1 Rivnut tool
x1 M8 "nutsert"
x1 M8x1.25 bolt
x1 Battery operated drill
x1 1/4 drill bit
x1 5/16 drill bit
x1 grinder and metal grinding wheel

Step 1: Remove the hood
There are 4 nuts holding the hood on at the hinge. Remove those 4 nuts (maybe less if you have broken some). This will take 2 people. You want to be careful not to torque or bend the hood, so having a second hand to hold one side while you hold the other is ideal. Place the hood on something soft to protect it from damage, I used styrofoam but a moving blanket or something like that would work too.

Step 2: Grind Away
Grind away what is left of the broken stud. Try to get it as close to flush and as even as possible.

Grinding -

Finished -

Step 3: Drill a pilot hole
Get a drill bit and drill a small hole directly down the center of the bolt

Step 4: Drill out the main hole
Drill out the hole to it's final diameter (in my case this was 5/16 for an m8) as you drill this out make sure that you squirt some WD40 on the drill bit and bolt every now and then.

Step 5: Insert the rivnut
I used an M8 size riv nut and a m8x1.25 bolt


Step 6: Checks and Finish
Make sure your bolt fits into the rivnut ok, if it does great! You are done. Reassemble the hood. Use two people. Do not tighten everything down right away, get both sides about finger tight (slightly tight) and close the hood - adjust as needed, once you have a smooth operation go ahead and tighten everything down.


That's it!
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