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How-to: Render Key Fob Less Sensitive - PBR

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Sorry no Pix but I did this (in a moment of passion) when I set off my panic alarm this morning carrying a bunch of crap in the same hand as my keys... :mumum:

1. Remove split ring from fob.
2. Using flat tip screwdriver pry apart two halves of fob.
3. Carefully seperate hard plastic shell from black/red rubber button piece.
4. Carefully lift out circuit board from button piece.
5. Take x-acto knife and trim down the bump of the offending button.
6. Re-assemble following steps in reverse.

Buttons still work just don't go off when you even think of bumping them... :cheers:
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Dremel solution

Here is the same solution using a Dremel with a cutting bit. Only the center of the rubber needs to be removed. The panic button still works, but only if you press it hard.

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