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How-to: Remove Windsheild Washer Tank - PBR

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The tank is located on Pass side inside that fender. If you see water from here, that is your leak. But, be sure it is not AC. Also, the neck of the tank may leak if over filled, It can be removed from under the hook by removing the nylon push fastener and pulling it up. You will have to do this to remove the tank. Start with an empty tank or take a bath!

You can disconnect the pictures hoses and it will drain.

To get to this location. Jack up the X and remove the Wheel. Use Jack stand. There are screws around the outer edge that hold the plastic inner fender in. Remove these taking note that some of the inner fender goes outside the lip and some goes inside the lip. Some screws are longer than others, take note what came from what hole.

About in the center of the inner fender are 4 or 5 push in nylon fasteners, to be removed by prying the centers straight up and then out, then remove outer part of fastener that remains. They install in reverse.

Now pull the inner fender out and set it aside.

This is what you will see.

Look for your leak, If it's a motor problem, it is right there. You see the two hoses? One goes to the rear washer, one to front. Take note or you may put it all back together and realize when you push front washer the front wipers wipe and the wash goes to the rear and versa visa! I suggest you test before you reassemble. The hoses are different sizes, but trust me heee heee the can be reversed! Ha ha.
Close up of what it looks like the right way.

If your problem is really the tank, or it must be removed proceed like this. Go into engine bay and remove the black nylon fastener that holds the neck to the radiator tank, it just pulls up with a trim tool or small pry bar - screwdriver. Now, twist and pull up on the tank filler neck, it is held in by a rubber gasket and will come right out.

Shown here;

Now disconnect the hoses and the plugs. Look for the latches on them.

There are two 10 mm bolts that secure the tank. Remove. Now don't get all muscular on me! The tank is on a slider, you must slide it forward toward the headlamps. And then finagle it out. Slider shown.

Now, do whatever it was you were going to do in there. And figure out how it goes back in! Test before putting the inner fender back on. Also clean out the rocker of debris and squirt it with WD 40 to ward off rust.

Proof! I am so cheap, I took a bath! I did not want to loose the 98 cents worth of washer fluid! If I wasn't cheap, I'd have paid someone to do this! Squeak squeak!

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