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...but with another expensive toy... a Maxidas DS-708...

I teach heavy equipment mechanics but our friendly neighbor (the automotive mechanic school) allows me to borrow their OBD computer...

So this is a writeup on how to program keys for your Xterra...

My X in the garage...

The Autel Maxidas DS-708, don't even ask me the cost of that toy !!!

First some details about RFID transponder keys...

1- You dont program anything in the keys, you introduce the keys to your truck as legitimate keys, authorized to start it. Nothing changes in the key, only some info from each key is stored in the truck computer.

2- Your Xterra can only recognize five keys.

3- You need to have ALL the keys that you want to use when programming, you are NOT adding a key (like you would do for a remote) but you will erase all the keys and re-introduce all of them (keys left out will NOT start the truck).

Ok, that being said, let's start by gathering all the keys...

Yes, I'm programming 5 keys, notice that the first key on the left is special, I have removed the transponder chip (for a later use, you'll see in my upcoming remote starter writeup), the two other where cut BEFORE programming and the last ones are the regular keys I got with the truck.

1- Connect the DS-708 to the OBD port (on the edge of the dash, below the steering wheel)
2- Turn the Xterra switch to run (but dont start the motor)
3- Press the power switch behind the DS-708

This is the welcome screen...

Of course, select 'Nissan' (with the stylus, this is a touch screen)

You will get this screen...

Select '1 Diagnosis(By System)'

That will get you there...

Where you will select 'NATS' to get to this screen

It's a good time to select '1 Read Codes' and if any codes are present use '2 Erase Codes' to clear them (you will NOT be able to proceed further if codes are present)

When done with the codes, select '4 Pin Read' this will give you a five digits code (made of numbers and letters), write it down...

Go to your computer, find a little program called 'Nissan Supercode' you can find it somewhere on the Internet (not posting a link because i'm not sure if it's ok to redistribute it or not...). Install Supercode and make it calculate the 4 digits PIN for enabling the key programming mode (you can also ask your Nissan dealer for the PIN, your mileage may vary).

Once you have the PIN, select '3 C/U Initialisation' then enter the pin then tap 'Ok' (on the right side of the DS-708 screen).

Turn the key to off.
Remove key from switch.
Insert first key to program
Wait until the Immo (the car with the key) icon turns off
Remove key

.... repeat for ALL the key you want to use.

Once done, start the motor to leave the programming mode.

Unplug the DS-708

It's done, test your keys
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