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So this week all my crap came in. I put a set of Piaa 520s on my Aries Grill Guard (i know, but my offroading consists of a dirt road going to camp).

It was much easier then I thought. I purchased the Hella switch from I liked the looks better then the other ones from the 4x4 site. Perfect fit.

The Piaa lights already came with a relay and switch. The Piaa switch has three wires going to it, ground, switched and load. As I wasnt a fan of that switch, I just cut it off, stripped the wires back and put on some female connectors.

Take this wire and run it through the rubber grommet in the fire wall. At this point, I ran the switched wire to the parking lights where I tapped it. I then ran the rest of the wires, in a wire loom, along the firewall to the

I attached the relay to an existing screw near the washer fluid tank.

I then attached the appropriate wires to their respective terminals on the battery. The wires already had connectors on them, so they hooked right up to the battery very easy.

The wires for the lights themselves were then fed through the grill. After everything is in place, clean up your mess, i.e. zip tie wires, make sure they are away from any moving parts etc.

The grill guard was easy. You will need a second person for about 2-3 minutes when you attach the guard to the brackets.

First remove the tow hook. It's not as hard as some folks had experienced. Using the supplied bolts, bolt it up, and attach the grill.

The top brackets are a little tricky. I used a dremel on the inside of the grill to notch it. You can't see a thing from the outside. You wont think the brackets will fit, but they do. Tighten everything up. Use locktite if you choose. I have that thing on there so solid its not moving. Definitely no rattling when I go over bumps.

Bolt the lights in the predrilled holes in the bar. Line them up, and tighten them as well.

Last but not least, test everything, and admire your work!

Cliff Notes:
It was very easy, especially for a beginner like myself.
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