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I finally got around to coming up with an interior bike rack for my Xterra. I could have gone with the Nissan version, but I decided to see what I could come up with on my own at my local REI. What I ended up with costs about $225 (not a lot of savings over the Nissan rack) but it locks to the Xterra and the bikes lock to the rack. It comes out very easily leaving little behind. Or it can be removed completely. All of the required parts and tools come with the various bits you'll have to buy. It's all Yakima just like the Nissan stuff. In fact, I would be surprised if there is much difference between the two.

Here's what I bought:

1 Landing Pad kit for a single set of towers, Part 00221
2 Boa bike mounts, Part 02065
1 48" round cross bar
1 set of two Control Towers, Part 00212
1 set of four keyed alike lock cylinders, Part 07204

The only other items needed are the captive nuts on the bottom of the OEM hooks for the track. These come with the Xterra. The bolts with the Landing Pads happen to fit the Nissan captive nuts. So no additional hardware is needed.

The first thing to do is attach the captive nuts to the Landing Pads. You can do this with two or you can use all four. I used all four.

Here is the Landing Pad with the hardware attached.

Here is the landing pad mounted with both sets of bolts and captive nuts.

The landing pads should be mounted at the end of the tracks nearest the hatch. It's important that these be as far towards the hatch as possible. If you need more space for the bike, you can move the Landing Pads even further toward the rear hatch by securing them with the forward bolt only. This will give you an additional 2" of space, but the clearance between the handle bars and the rear pillar may not allow this.

Here is the Landing Pad with one set of hardware. This allows it to be moved about two inches further aft.

Next assemble the rack by sliding the two Control Towers onto the cross bars. Then install the end caps. At this point, clip the Control Towers into the landing pads and lock it down. Then tighten the connection between the cross bar and the Control Towers. Then mount the Boa mounts to the crossbar. This is all very easy and requires only the hex wrench that comes with the Boa.

Lastly, install the lock cylinders. Yakima has made this very easy, requiring only the special key that comes with the kit.

This shows the lock cylinder installed on the Boa. An identical one installs in the Control Tower.

Here it is complete with my bike.

You can also use the rear tire mount included with the Boa to secure the otherwise loose front tire.

If you unclip and remove the rack, here is all that's left

The whole thing is easy to assemble. I did it in the REI parking lot.

Before the diving in and doing this, there are a couple things to know:
1. This rack requires the bike seat to be lowered in order to get the bike in the Xterra. My bike needs a hex key to do this. It just so happens the hex key that fits the rack also fits the clamp for the seat. All racks that mount the bike upright in the back will require the bike seat to be lowered (at least on my bike).
2. Even with the bike rack all the way towards the hatch, the rear tire of the bike will likely contact the back of the front seat. There are two possible solutions for this. Either position the bike so the rear tire is more toward the center of the Xterra, or move the front seat forward before you mount the bike. I choose the later.

-Old Army

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As there have been some new threads on this, I thought I'd update this a bit. As a refresher, this is my REI sourced locking bike rack. The rack locks to the Xterra, and the bikes lock to the rack.

This time I have a bike that's a little more challenging:

The rear wheel sits on the fold flat seat with not a lot of room to spare:

With my entire bike collection inside, my wife gets to walk:

-Old Army
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