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How-to: Install Tail Light Guards

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Okay, i put tail light guards on my x and I just wanted to share. Its pretty straight forward but you are supposed to drill holes in your X. this is my half assed solution on doing it without drilling. The instructions keep referring to pictures, but guess what... there are no pictures with the instructions.

Okay first open your tail gate and remove the two screws holding the taillight on with a 10mm socket. After that just pull (straight back) firmly on the light housing. The only thing holding it on are two plug type things stuck in two holes... one of which is pictured here

Next, take one of the small plates that came with the guards and screw it in the small hole with one of the small screws (the most curved part of the plate is the side you screw in).... pictured here

**Note I left it loose because it didnt fit perfectly. Once you attach the whole thing you will probably have to remove it a couple of times to bend the small plate so it fits better. I had to bend it a little before it fit right.

Next, connect the tail guards using the screws and washers provided. Make sure when you connect it back that you push the light housing in enough to where the plug thingys go back into their holes all the way.

Lastly screw the small screw in all the way (the one that is holding the small plate)

Remember you will probably have to bend the little plate a couple of times before it can be sandwitched in there just right. Do the other side the exact same way. After that you should be good to go, and you dont have to screw into the body of your X!! :cheers:
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good job s-e-x, if this holds up without scratching the paint where the clip thing is sandwiched, mine might no longer be for sale...
If you are worried about scratched paint, get a small piece of the 3M clear film and put it on the side of the tap that touches the paint.
muzikman said:
If you are worried about scratched paint, get a small piece of the 3M clear film and put it on the side of the tap that touches the paint.
I will do this and let you know how it holds up.

So far without the tape they are doing pretty good. They have been on there for a little over a week!
If your wanting this to be stiffer, then you do have to drill into the body and mount that side plate to your X. Just FYI.
Tail Light Guard

What brand are these and where did you get them? Seems like it's hard to find much selection out there.
I had mine on for a few months, and when I took them off to stealth them it had rubbed the paint off where the clip was bent behind the tail lights. One started to rust, and the other was just starting. Definitely apply some 3M tape, or some kind of protective film if you bend the clip behind. Other than that they hold up very well!
I you plan on wheeling the rig , I would be concerned about a branch or other object sticking out and rubbing the length of the rig until it hits the tail light guards then bends it or rips it from the rig. I would like this solution if it was totally flush to the body contour of the rig.That is why I have not put these on my rig. If you are protecting from shopping carts or other small items then this will probably work for you. Just my .02

PS What I would really like is a thin stainless steel tail light housing that has holes for the light areas that is flush to the body.
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Very true! Didn't really think about it that way, and it's a very good point! thanks for the .02 ! :salute:

I just think they look cool!
Thanks for the extra info on these, i got mine in the mail the other day, and took your idea and modified it about screwing into the body, I used double sided 3M that soft foamy style stuff so I wouldnt have to screw into the body and it wouldnt scratch my paint. Thanks for the heads up
holy crap! i can't believe that they are over $120. autoparts warehouse wants $160. wow, I might put mine up for sale then. I was going to take them off anyway.....
I had these and just removed them..had the brush guard too..previous owner had put the whole thing, I'm thinking of selling them..I doubt I will ever put them on again..
I think they look pretty cool haha if you sell them let me know Nex
Will these guards fit a 2011 ProX?
Will these guards fit a 2011 ProX?
yes sir. nothing on the 2011 models changed regarding the tail light housing or the body/hatch area back there.
yes sir. nothing on the 2011 models changed regarding the tail light housing or the body/hatch area back there.

Speaking of interchanging, I can't seem to find any online accessories for 2011's.
What other years will fit my 2011, with regard to seat covers, cargo organizer, bull bar, etc?
^ as far as I know...they should all fit. The bullbar might have to be an 09+...that's when the redesigned the front end bumper/grille. The frame and mounting points never changed to my knowledge tho. You should call brian at cherry hill nissan parts department in NJ. he is a sponsor on this forum and hooks us up. good guy and he can help you out. :) his name is jerseyparts on the forum. good luck. :)
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