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How-to: Install Daystar Lift - PBR

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UPDATED: 09-08-2006
This lift now still going strong with 56K miles on it. But I must say you can buy a better lift now for sure. So peek around.

UPDATED: 07-26-2006
I have 19K miles on my Daystar, I recently did an in depth check of all the parts and install. No problems. Works perfect Added the Timbren co Bump Stops for towing and to add stability in front with the weight of the winch and shrockworks bumper.. Timbren is Nice Add on for that. I also did ECXC and no problems at all!

Just to separate it from Ac's. Daystar lift is different in many ways.
First, Total cost will be in the $400 to $450 range with the alignment.

This is the end Result, look at below posts for more pictures of others that have lifted. Good control is retained with the lift after alignment.
The below X has BFG AT 285 75 R16 KO's $940 At Sams Club For 5.

I wanted to report that I took pictures of measurements before and after. The front spaces only.

Before was 34.5 After now 36.5

That is from ground to fender well center. After installing the rear, that bumps it up to a clean 2.5 to 3" Lift I am going to let it settle before I report final measurement.

I posted good directions in Front Strut removal. So later on people just changing struts can use them. Here they are:

If you need to do this,
Look at Dan's site directions and pictures 1st.
Using what you learned there proceed like this. It's very different from an AC lift because The daystar spacers will not fit into the hole that the AC lift will. You will have to remove the lower ball joint NUT ONLY and break the Upper Control Arm from the Ball joint at the thread only! The Ball joint actually stays on the upper control arm!

This was Taken from Daystar Directions And I added some steps you also need to take. Plus any info from post installers.

Soak all nuts with the lube you use, for parts that is. Use park brake, Chocks, and jack stands.

2. Raise both sides of vehicle until front tires are off ground.
Support vehicle.

3. Remove the front tire and wheel.

4. Remove lower stabilizer link bolt both sides..... spin sway bar forward
out of way. (upper links still attached to bar)
(a) remove ABS line from 3 points, it slides out.
So you do not over extend it when you remove spindle from top.

5. Remove upper ball joint cotter key and nut. (100 ft lbs to put back on)
Put nut back on, tap side of spindle then tap nut up, it should drop out.
The upper control arm will float up out of way.
You do not remove upper Ball Joint from truck at all!
So don't jack up the rubber
Spin that out of way, it moves all directions.
You may Use a Rubber strap to hold it where you want it.

6. Use 9/16's to remove 3 triangular positioned nuts on top of strut.
(DO NOT REMOVE CENTER NUT or you will get a face full of spring!)
Use 3/4 to remove bottom nut and bolt.
Strut will come out through top easily with plenty of room.

Note; You will use a jack on lower control arm to relive pressure, jack and lower things into position. Install your lift parts or new strut and spring or take to shop for re-spring. install in reverse.
Use anti seize and thread locker blue if you want to ever get it apart again. Re check for tightness after 50 Miles.

I don't think I took enough pictures, so who goes after me take more. I did not realize the AC install was so different. Even though Dan's pictures show that.

I was missing the part you don't see here. Dan At Daystar sent it right out. And so Did 4 wheel parts, so I went from not enough to too much. But this is a look at what will be installed.

Tools needed. LOL I like Dan's list better. About any manly man will have all tools needed.
OR you can borrow them from my kids girlfriend.

Shot of ready to extract. You see the gigantic hole it leaves and how everything falls out of way when you just disconnect the upper Ball joint? Notice Ball joint stays attached to Upper Control Arm!
1st side takes like 30 min, second side less than 5 (experience).

Ok here is how you rig to take a shackle out without swinging a hammer.
Normal Ratchet binder, crank crank crank, adjust jack until it falls out.
You may also need the same rig to move leaf spring during install.

Here it is on the out swing, showing hard to do side, you have to finagle the tailpipe ESPECIALLY if you have a hitch! I pulled bottom out 1st and top came easy. A foot was involved, and a hand and a half. Others have removed the rear Tail
pipe mount to allow more room. For even more loosen next one FWD too.

Aftermarket slides in easy. Put top in first.. Use a bottle jack for optimum control, notice block of wood evens out at bottom, jack until hole lines up, or just past that and let a little off jack and catch the hole as it comes down. When you tighten it, remember this part will move freely make sure it does after you tighten it. Snug is the word.

And here is another way to do it if you don't have a bottle Jack and do have a helper. Suggestion by: Speedy_Parker
"Also, I came up with a way to lever the springs down to the new shackle mount point: Just apply downward pressure and viola - slide the bolt in...

That's just a 3' Pry Bar and an old C-Clamp... Speedy_Parker"

Lube Daystar's before you put the weight on it. Then after 50-100 miles. On a Daystar the bolts are 11/16 one side and 3/4 the other. I like it when they do that, you can change them out with one set of wrenches.

I took it for an abuse ride, to try to get the Hit some people get on the upper control arms. I don't get any hit, But I have an S not an Off Road. However B Slater Does have an Off road and he did not have the UCA contact either.

I love the lift, It was super easy to install and takes hardly any time if you get all the parts in your kit. It looks durable and the grease able shackles for me is a gigantic plus. I painted the parts pretty fast to disguise I had done a lift.

Off to Firestone for that Lifetime Alignment! On Sale Now! $99.00 (Reg $148.00 = local Tax) Great tip from Muzikman.

We hope you got some ideas and helped you save time! Thanks to all who did that for me in other how to's.

You saw it at THENEWX.ORG 1st!
05 Pioneer's Input for this Post from B Slater and Muzikman And a lot of info was mentally ganked from Dan's site!

Picture B Slater's OFF ROAD LIFTED X in SUB ZERO TEMP's! It was SO cold he saw a lawyer walk by with his hands in his own pockets!

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Ok people I added the pictures I wanted to add. So go back and take a look at 1st post so you can steer somone here, the world's greatest NEWX site! To do this OR the AC Install.

THIS WEEKEND! Heck! Do like I did! Do the front one day after work, then next day do the Rear! No big deal. I rode on my front only for like a week!
Get this, Daystar sent me the part, then 4 wheel parts must have had them send me one too. I got two today about 3 hours apart both from Daystar. In same identical box!
Had 4 wheel said something about getting it, i would not have ordered one myself.

It feels great though! Ride a lot like it did before the lift! Just what I wanted! I'm Happy! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
dynamix said:
glad you got it on mc. i got my missing part replaced too, it came today. you should put the word out you got a spare, for the next guy that comes up short on his daystar kit. im thinking they put a whole run of em out with that sleeve missing.
Daystar told me only 15 went out like that. I think he sneazzed like "Ice" in Top Gun and said Bullshit! Yea I figure someone would ask. But, BOTH the UPS chicks were hot! One had Black hair and she was still HOT! If you see a I got shorted post, I can have my Wife send it to them.
BUT have them also ask Daystar Keep the spare for the next guy. It took 7 ays to get here. Thats way too long in my book. Next day for a screw up like that would have been nice! I can have it anywhere in 2 days Priority mail. It rides great though! I'm FINALLY happy!

B Slater said:
Daystar is here! Can't wait to install it. Mike I think your directions are going to help considering the ones from Daystar are just ok. I do like the picture of Defibvt's X on the directions though.
My Directions didn't have any pictures. I went with Dan's Pictures. Good luck, it's an easy job really!

B Slater said:
I'm FINALLY happy!
That will be the day!
Yea, I know I been pretty unhappy about dealing with Vendors. I was in sales a long time and none of this would have went over as long as I was a salesman. I took care of my people. Now a Days they Take your money and don't care.

But It is the Day! No noises! :cheers: :cheers:
Great! I love mine and so does everyone else! I park it at work and people have been calling me. Is that YOUR X? LOL

A lot of that squirlely feel will go away when you get a Firestone Lifetime Alignment. Right now the spacers have the Front tires tipped on the outside edge and it jacks with the steering and handling. After alignment you won't notice it anymore.

Pictures? You know you can get away with no pictures on VAXC but not here! LOL

LOL - Just joshing with ya. I have not posted mine yet but I will soon. Check bac in an hour!

Here it is Lifted with my Light kit installed! Come on! Cheer me on! LOL

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B Slater said:
Yeah I would watch out for him!
dang i just noticed, not only does MC have a six car drive through garage...

"he also lives on some sort of fortified compound with barbed wire fences around it!"

Yea! You know how US Marines can be that also have to hide from the TAX man! And that's why drilling holes in the roof don't bother me! Wait until you see the size of the Hole I drill to allow that 50 Cal to pop out!

You guys really cracked me AND my wife up!
My wife said the same thing "Girlfriend" Must be that way of thinking. BUT hardly a sign on goes by I don't learn something. And every 100 or so, I teach. I just Wonder why they did not think of this forum a lot earlier. Man was I pissed when the Next Gen went south on VAXC. It was a Trap! LOL

Good point, No trouble yet, but I'll look into it. Lifetime warranty on pro comp so I am not all that worried. Plus, I plan on Air bags that will stop the bottom out. Did yours actually botom out? you added like 2.5 lift and only added 1 in to the compressed length of the shock.

Welcome! Looks great! Dan likes em cause your rig is all scratched and dirty! (it's pick on Dan week)
Actually we have to take it easy on him, That baby is due pretty soon!
I'd say now, Daystar. If you get ALL the parts... Good! LOL
No experience with Calmini, I thought about it but fellows X'ers mumbles something about castration, tar, feathers, keys, flat tires, and piss poor spotting. So i tossed them off my wish list, although AC almost pushed me to it.

Glad they sell the Shackles seperate.

I think you are right, a Mix kit is best, BUT, I still would like to see a front strut/shock to match AC'c coil. Like it is, I smell a Rat! Hope I am wrong.

If they are Pony's wheels, don't put tires on em, wait until they are yours! JK

Them shocks so far have BIG Balls to hold that AC spring eh? Whoooo!
A Shrock Bumper and winch is in order to help with some downward pressure. LOL

2 G's! 4 Calmini? Thump! Heart attack! I'm an old man ya know! Paid $3 for a gallon of gas today that as enough!

Hey who Can top Pony's set up? I don't have the Cash to have an all out OR vehicle so I have to split it. 98% Road 2% trail. I'm going to hold with what I have unless a real tease develops. I really like it the way it is, The Timbrens really Topped it off! NOTE: Slater says scrap the AUtozone bumpstop idea, he did it, too stiff!

One of our guys is doing this lift with PRG UCA's I think that is a primo set up! Anyone doing this lift should consider this. That would be Bad azz! Easy on the drive train, simple, DIY all the way. No chance of UCA contact, nice ride! MC
They look thicker to me, but a circle is more supportive than flat stock (The center supports) factor in type metals, you never know what is stronger, I like Daystar because you can grease them and, fact is, they hold the leaf springs just the same. MC
When Daystar omitted my Bolt from the kit, I tried for a week at spring shops all over the country to find a replacement bolt. The size was measured in 1 100ths of an inch and no bolt would do but the one that is special made for it. Daystar contracted the bolt out special made. You could find one to fit the hole, but it would tear up both parts and you'd need new shackles, sold in sets.
Muzikman said:
When Daystar omitted my Bolt from the kit, I tried for a week at spring shops all over the country to find a replacement bolt. The size was measured in 1 100ths of an inch and no bolt would do but the one that is special made for it. Daystar contracted the bolt out special made. You could find one to fit the hole, but it would tear up both parts and you'd need new shackles, sold in sets.
Wow, so what you are saying is if you are on the trail and snap one of those bolts, you can't just run to the hardware store and get a new one (ungreasable)?
Read again. "You could find one to fit the hole, but it would tear up both parts and you'd need new shackles, sold in sets." Besides I have a spare remember? WOW! Smartass.

My info was obtained from the Customer service rep at DAYSTAR directly. They forgot my sleeve and I asked if I can just use any old sleve and bolt. The answer was NO, it would ruin the other parts.
The measurements are 0.584X0.750 X 3.950 It's a special bolt for a special sleeve. As I said, you put any bolt in there and you ask for problems and damage to good parts. Daystar said don't do it.

You CAN do about anything. But to put a regular bolt in that hole for an extended length of time may cause damage and I won't do it. Muzikman will though. I just carry a spare. But, on that note, Can anyone post pictures of this part trashed on the trail? I have some money for you.

A lot of people went AC lift with Daystar Shackles, I wonder why? If AC was so concerned with your four wheeling well being, they would have made them greaseable it would seem. They had a choice and they took the quick way out. Look at the size of the company's who can respond to a liability better when and if something does go wrong?

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