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I PM'ed you. Get back to me if you get a chance.

I'll search sources for stock OR Bils when I have more time (I'm teaching in 7 min.). Maybe someone else knows off the top of their head. The Vendors section here lists Nissan of Turnersville. You could call them; they're a dealer, very freindly to us. I've used them a number of times. Of course any dealer could get them for you, but at a silly price.

The Bilstein website probably doesn't list them because of an agreement with Nissan that they won't sell them directly to customers so that Nissan and only Nissan can sell them. But maybe someone else has them.

The suspension before '05 is very different, torsion bars instead of coilovers for one thing. And the shocks in the link aren't the stock OR Bils.

My buddy has an S with the non-Bilstein shocks and I have the OR, which came with the Bils. I've driven both trucks extensively, on and off road. The OR shocks are noticeably better, no doubt. But they're by no means night and day or anything. For fantastic, you'll really need to upgrade to something like Radflos.
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