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How-to: After Market Battery Install - PBR

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Okay guys, Alot of pictures here so it should be a snap if you want to do this!!

This is the Battery right after I disconnected it;

This is the Positive Connections with the weird Fuse Panel thingy after I disconnected the Battery;

These pictures show how the Connections won't reach the Positive Terminal on the Battery;

I bought this 2 Guage Battery Cable at AutoZone... And only used the small part of the Cable that is shown. The rest I just threw away;

I bought another Terminal Connection at AutoZone and attached it to the small Cable that I previously cut off;

This is the Factory Battery Connection. I did this because I didn't have any extra screws and nuts hanging around. I needed the screw, (pictured here), to Connect the weird Factory Fuse Box to the newly Fabricated Terminal Connection;

And here are the rest of the pictures with everything connected;

Everything turned out okay! I took it for a test drive and seems to work fine!!!!!
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I've been running a similar setup on my Frontier. I've had the Optima installed for about 8 Months with no problems. When the Service Manager at my dealership saw it, he about shat himself. He thinks that cluster of Fuses needs to be RIGHT ON the Battery Terminal. I pointed out there was a 2/0 Gauge Wire connecting it..... He shook his head and told me if I have Electrical issues, don't come crying to him. ....Prick


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I moved this from the Electrical forum to the How-To forum.
After Market Battery Install by S_E_X-Terra

Really nice work there and the write-up is great as well !
Thank You !
Now, ,,,a quick question ?
Has anyone that has done this had any electrical issues ?

I'm going to have to " mouse " something together for my winch and I'm going to sit and study for routing and connection,,soon !

Jim B
Bump for a good mod. There is certainly nothing wrong with the way you did that.

I hate it when the dealers are assholes about being "all stock" about everything. I had a problem with my 2003 ZR2 - the battery wouldn't last long enough for me to vacuum the interior without not starting when it was only a few months old They saw I had some Hellas on the front and a amp installed and immediately blamed it on that stuff without even testing it. The battery tested "no good" at two different auto parts stores, but they still said "its within GM spec" and wouldn't replace it.
This is still kickin' like a chicken! No problems what-so-ever!
Thanks for the bump. I'll be doing this real soon.
Holy Crap! I can't get that damned bolt off of the weird fuse thing! I looks pretty corroded in that area. I let it soak for a while in battery cleaner...made it look nice but still wont budge. The problem seems to be that the entire assembly twists as it is just cables - nothing stiff to hold on to. Any ideas from those that have done this?
i ended up just ripping the bolt out. You need to replace it and way.
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:confused: Too bad you don't have COSTCO, their KIRKLAND Battery, drops right in, also has 3 yr Free Replacement.....

:scratch::scratch: JIMBO
The nuts for this type of Terminal come loose. You will want to check them regularly.
i ended up just ripping the bolt out. You need to replace it and way.
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What do you mean by "ripping the bolt out" ?
Nevermind...let it soak in WD40 after cleaning the crap out of it with battery cleaner. Tried the bolt the next morning and it came right off! :D
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Did it as well. Though I had a longer throw on the terminal locations. Had to disconnect my neg battery cables from that weird bracket thing they are zip-cabled to.

Finished, and terminals sprayed shortly afterward- :cheers:
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Thanks for this info. Install took 5 min tops. Unfortunately, it cost me $64 though.

By the way, just curious. My battery died rather suddenly. It cranked fine in the morning, and when I tried to start it after work, it was completely dead - the doors wouldn't even unlock. Do you guys think it is my battery?

The new one works right now, but I am just wondering if it might be my alternator or something (I don't know too much about this stuff). Thanks

:confused:Too bad you don't have COSTCO, their KIRKLAND battery, drops right in, also has 3 yr free replacement

Yes this IS in my trailer, but by measurements and size comp. it drops right in the X, with no +/- mods, oh and $53 bucks !!!!

:scratch::scratch: JIMBO
That is pretty much what happened to my stock battery. So I think you are probably good.

If you are worried about it, you can stop at most any chain auto parts store and they can test the alternators output.
Thanks for this how-to, made installing my new DieHard Platinum P-1 (size 34) easy!

This is a great write-up. I'm looking at doing this. Did you have to pick up a bolt to connect the old battery terminal ring to the new wire? OR did it come with the kit you bought?
I just reused my old bolt from the OEM configuration.

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