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How-to: 10 Minute GPS Install - PBR

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Woohoo, my wife was too excited and decided to give me an early Christmas Gift... A Lowrance Ifinder H2Oc!
It's not my dream unit, but it's basically the best Lowrance Handheld available... Which in reality is what best suits my needs. With all the Kayak Fishing I do I needed something I could take with me. It has a great Color Display with good Base Maps and an SD Slot for all the other overlays I could ever need.

I decided to go with an Overhead Mount instead of on the Dash. I don't have the Sunglass Holder so I was able to use that area of the Headliner and had enough space as to avoid any Rearview obstruction. The RAM Mount just needed 3 screws and I was able to drill into the Supports in the Roof where the Sunglass Holder would go for holding power.

1/8x1" machine screw... I had 3 of these in my can-o-nuts and bolts;

Remove Interior Lights, find position for RAM Base... only 2 screws are able to go thru the Support in Headliner;

The 3rd screw is backed with a large 3/4"dia. washer... Once holes are drilled just place Base and tighten up;

Then connect GPS Mount to Base, insert GPS and adjust to best position... I also found that there's a good deal of adjustability in the Mirror so you can move it to the left about an inch for best rear view;


And MERRY Christmas... Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more posts and how-to's after everyone gets there new toys!
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Nice post, you are lucky to already be getting Christmas presents. Plus I am sure that I read somewhere that GPS adds tons of horsepower, doesn't it? Install looks great. :cheers:
Are you giving us the finger? Is that your way of saying Merry Christmas?
Are you giving us the finger? Is that your way of saying Merry Christmas?
Good eye... just keepin ya on your toes! hehehe! :cheers:
Hopefully you have an external antenna because right now, installed like this, your GPS can't receive any satellite signal through your roof. Your GPS is like a fisherman who try to see the stars sitting inside his boat cabin...

Otherwise, the installation is very neet - Congrats!
Actually I bet if it's got the SiRF III chipset that he's picking up more sats than needed. Sure with an external antenna you would probably pick up all 12 at high strength, but the new SiRF chipsets are amazing.

My SiRF III units will pickup enough sats that I can get 30ft accuracy indoors with just a window.
Looks good.
How's the reception as far as signal goes from up there?
muzikman said:
My SiRF III units will pickup enough sats that I can get 30ft accuracy indoors with just a window.
What you probably meant to say was "... I can get the GPS receiver to report an Estimated Position Error(EPE) of 30ft indoors with just a window" ;-)

A consumer-grade GPS receiver cannot report "accuracy", despite the fact that various GPS receivers will use that term. What they can, and do, report is the EPE, which is a statistical probability that the position they are reporting is the true position.

And remember, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics :)
Corerect, but it's still getting sat reception. I am not saying that it's a dead accurate 30ft, but compared to my older units that can't even pick up more than half signal on one sat, the new chip sets are doing a much better job.
No problem receiving sat signals... it takes a minute or so longer to acquire position but once it picks up it's all good. It's 16 channel so i'm sure that helps too. I've only checked the EPE once while driving and it was ranging from 25-35 ft... not bad at all considering where it's mounted.

All that being said I'm planning on getting an ext. antenna once i drill the hole for power to the roof.
Well fine Job on the How to! This one is a keeper and one to copy, I could do this, hit power up there, and put on my external ant and not worry about signal, and have it up, out of way, and I am sure it is easy to see there. And, not to easy for passer's by to see, The MC no steal em stamp! I think I am going to do this one soon! Thanks a million! Man what we can do here when we share Ideas! We have a great Bank going here! MC
I have one just like it for my boat. It will work like that. I use it on the lease when i am hog huntin at night. U can get pretty fuckin lost, W/O it.:rockin:
All (7) Photos placed into PB's Purgatory, have been Resurrected for this Thread! :thumbup:
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