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How Difficult is it to Offroad a Manual?

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As the subject states, how difficult is it?
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I had a CJ on 35’s with a manual. It wasnt geared terribly low, but I wheeled it everywhere without issue. My manual Xterra is the same story, just on less extreme terrain. The harder the wheeling, the lower the gearing needs to be with a manual. Autos are so much easier to wheel, but in my opinion, less rewarding. I also hate riding the brakes down inclines. With enough gearing a manual is not hard to wheel. In an Xterra, if it’s close to stock, you are not going to wheel it hard enough to not have enough gearing. So if you find a manual Xterra hard to wheel, then you need more practice. Also, if you don’t stall a manual every once in a while, you are slipping the clutch too much.

Save the manuals!
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