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Horn wiring diagram question about relay for air horn

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I'm installing an air horn to replace the cheap excuse of a horn
that you can't even hear. Looking at the diagram (the red circle) shows
an existing relay for the horn.
Will this suffice for the air horn or should I install a separate
relay? I am thinking that installing another relay is redundant and
unnecessary. But this is based on what is shown in the service manual.
I could be wrong so wanted to check with others first.
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I have the wolo challenger EV air horns in my truck. I just put a wire into that spot under the stock relay. It does run to another relay. I put the airhorns onto the radiator bracket behind the grill. They are mounted horizontally. The airtank is where my winch will go when I get one. The compressor is next to the airbox. Compressor is hooked up to an accessory + (that way it only runs with the key in the on position.)
They are about 125db and sound like an 18 wheeler is behind you. :bounce:
You can just see the chrome caps.

Compressor mounted in the winch spot on the shrock:

the compressor next to the air box:

the wire going into stock relay: Stock horn is still operational

This is what the horns look:
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Now you see why I posted to use a second relay. Also be cautious about your alarm, I had to install a larger amperage relay to keep from frying the brain, I have replaced the original brain due to the air horns frying it out when the alarm went off...
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