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Hood Struts

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I was lurking around on the Frontier site and saw this. I haven't
had the time to go out and look at the X's hood and fender to see
if this setup will work. It's not even an entirely necessary mod, but
it's relatively cheap and seems interesting.

Parts from this site:

Installation instructions for a Frontier:

Part #: 9416K18 @ $12.46 X 2
(Force: 70-90# - higher the number, more lifting power from
strut and less effort from you)

Part #: 9416K74 @ $1.75 X 4

Part #: 9512K95 @ $1.94 X 4

Total cost: $39.68 + shipping

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Here is the original Xterra thread by USMC in 2006. It can be found from thenewX home page in the How To section:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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