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Hood Rust Issue! HELP PLEASE!

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Hi there everyone!

I have a 2008 Xterra Off-Road Edition that has a couple of spots of bad rust on the hood. They were caused by the previous owner who had a bug guard on the lip of the hood that caught a ton of tree bits and water. I didn't know about these spots until I chose to remove the bug guard. I'm looking for some advice on how to fix this rust. I know I could just go to a body shop and have them fix it but I know that's not a cheap fix. I think because of where I live I could almost just buy a new hood for the cost to fix this rust. I have a DIY idea to maybe "deal with it" but I would love your opinion on it, if it's a totally dumb idea or if it might be an okay idea but maybe needs a little tweak. I was thinking about maybe sanding the entire lip of the bumper from left to right, just the part that curves down. Then paint it with a basic black Bedliner? I know it wouldn't look super bada$$, but my thinking is that it will at least protect it from getting worse, and if I really hate the look of it, I still have the bug guard that I can put back onto the hood and that would cover the lip of the hood. I've just never painted bare car metal so would I need to do anything beforehand? Or would I just sand it and then spray it with the Bedliner? Do I need to prime?

Any help, advice, or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. If it's a totally stupid idea let me know! I can take it, haha Or if you have a better idea please by all means let me know! I'm game for anything!
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Funny you should mention black second gen. There are only 2 Xterras in my "area", all of Ontario, and one of them is a black 2nd gen haha But I need a grey 2nd gen!! They are rare indeed.
Where in Ontario?

A black hood on an otherwise Dark Knight Armour X might look kinda cool. :cool:

Frankly, the rust looks modest (by eastern Canada standards). Time for some elbow grease maybe? out of Montreal can take care of your needs from A to Z and provide lots of instructions.

Might be an idea to Krown rust or Rust Check treat the vehicle given that rust was showing up on the hood.
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Two hours east of Toronto...... if you are near Belleville, then upstate New York is not that far. Roughly two hours to Watertown. That border may open up back up soon. I was born and raised in Ottawa. Did a short work stint in Kingston, too.

I recommended Krown because the rusted hood is an indicator of a much wider rust situation which a Krown application would slow down.
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