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Homebrew AAL?

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Rastaman mentioned this, and can't believe it isn't a bigger subject. Anybody beefed up their stock spring packs with a set of 2.5" leafs from anything else? I know Jeep YJ Wranglers have 2.5" leafs (46" long, centered pins), and rear CJ-7 springs are about the same specs. Cherokees also have a 2.5" leaf, but offset center pin and much longer. Do the X's have a centered center pin (sounds redundant, lol)?

Seems like a decent cure to the bottoming out issue, and cheaper than buying aftermarket AAL's, and a heck of a lot better option. I hate the AC-style AAL's (the most common... makes for a jarring ride, IMO), and the Calmini's are hardly worth nearly $200. The Deaver mini-packs seem like a good option, but again, cost. Seems like something that can be done for next to nothing with a trip to the junk yard or a Jeep forum for some stock springs.

I know my bro complained about the springs on his '03-ish Fronty, and it sounds like they haven't gotten any better.

Anybody have any experience on this??? Thanks. ~Steve
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This is similar to what I had in mind... this is on my old Samurai. Stock set of YJ springs with few extra stock leafs added. Works great in this application... can't see why it wouldn't be a good, cheap mod for the X's too.

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Sounds like a great idea. I'd love to raise my back end up a little to level things out. Plus my dad is really in to jeeps and has spare parts laying every where. I'm going to ask him about it this weekend.
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