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Username: High-Altitude-X

Make: Nissan
Year: 2006
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Avalanche White



Hood protector
Locking roof bin handles (I did a group buy for the forum once)
HAX custom aluminum mesh grill insert (smashalope broke)
custom made rock sliders
Rear tire carrier bumper (stated as shrock but had to make it better)
Heafty fab front bumper that is getting changes since no one makes what I want
Bedlined side bumpers, with Orange accents
Hood rod mod, now with black hood thanks to accident
2" Body lift
315/75/16 MRT Kevlar
1.5" rear only aluminum wheel spacers
Flexable rubber mud flaps
WeatherTech Window Deflectors thanks BlckHwk13
Recovery shackle in hitch
Breather mod with my take on air filter to use behind passenger brake light
Titan finned rear diff cover with "chrome" powder coat (looks silver)
All Amsoil fluids (I'm a dealer so...)
Snorkel (custom air box hooks snorkel to nismo CAI)
M205 front differential
Fully titan swapped
Custom drop in roof rack that has locking mounts for axe, shovel, 8lb sledge hammer, and pickaxe

Exterior Lighting

heus33 projector retrofit
HAX LED DRL in the retrofited lights (broke thanks smashalope)
HID OEM fog lights (broke again smashalope)
Xoskel light cage with four HAX modified KC style lights to 55watt HID lights
Xoskel glare sheilds
LED tail lights
LED reverse lights
LED tag lights
LED corner marker lights (could not find working appropiatly turn signal lights in LED)


Nismo CAI
Amsoil dry media filter and pre-filter (no more wet cotton gauze)
Airaid TBS
XTP Intake Manifold Spacer (IMS) thanks COFronty
AFE headers with stage 8 locking fasteners
Magnaflow performance catalytic converters
Magnaflow custom 2 in 1 out exhaust
Stillen (CSF) Titan radiator with custom mouting brackets (fits and works! and now broke see above)
EBC Sport slotted and dimpled rotors with 7000 series green stuff pads
Goodridge stainless extended brake lines (6 peice kit)
Jet Performance mass air flow sensor


SAW 2.5 remote reservoir titan swap coilovers
Air Lift Ride Control Rear Air Spring Kit
Radflo rear shocks
Prg lift shackles
Alcan rear leaf springs
PRG heim joint outter tie rod ends
PRG titan upper control arms

McMaster Carr sway bar endlinks with heim joints (for sale now as I have no sway bar)


ScanGuage II custom ontop of rear view mirror mount (velcro)
Aluminum air tank
Dual 150psi compressors
Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator
ottraw roof light switches
Orange electronics TPMS (tells actual pressure and temp of all 4 on ground tires)
Sirius Satalite radio (custom antena install on dash)
LED interior lights (replaced all factory interior with LED)
LED tailgate light mod
McMaster-Carr tailgate lift struts
Cover King Tactical seat covers front and rear (with my mod on head rest to have loop side velcro makes able to stick patches)
MOLLE pouches for all kinds of tools and gear
Window tint (may not be legal in all area)
Maglites mounted in two locations
Made camping screens
HAX camping curtains with velcro

Curently sitting at 41" from level ground to bottom fender wheel well in front and 41.5" in rear.

OEM mud flaps
OEM air intake
OEM exhaust
OEM cats
OEM exhaust manifolds
BullyDog Tripple Dog GT (ruin my ECU and TCM once, and that's enough of this junk)

It's a work in progress as I get money, may be more stuff for list...

Pics to come soon....
Titan Stillen (CSF) radiator with fancy zip tie action to hold front grill on (broke those cheap factroy pop things)

Early stages sorta

Month or so ago, parked next to "rental X" my dad had it is 4x4 and of course stock, this is before OME springs, SPC control arms, xoskel glare shields, brush gaurds, and led's in headlights.

How it sat day of smashalope (literally we leave in 6 hours....)

How it sits now (had to raise garage door to fit inside so should list that as mod too)

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The titan radiator keeps things really cool like max at 205 or so, and no problems with heat ever.... however major pain in the rump to install, had to have custom fabricated brackets for it to mount in, then custom mount the shroud in, all in all it was probably not worth the hassle nor the cost saving over what the griffen would cost as direct drop in fit. And without the 2” BL it probably wont fit without hacking up parts of it since filler neck is tall and it has mounting pins on bottom that stick down.

I had taken X to the stealership so that the steering angle sensor could be reset, kept throwing code that it was out of whack after I replaced the upper control arms (first time). When I got home I parked the x in the driveway and hooked up the battery charger (to make 100% that it was full charge). Tried to reload tune, and it stalled at about 75%. Called bullydog and tech walked me through trouble shooting steps, he then had me unplug it from the car, plug into computer. It was at this time he asked for permission to load a new software “update” to the tuner, so I allowed him access through my computer over internet to do that, not sure what tune or file he loaded as I could not see anything but numbered files. He finished and said okay plug it back into the truck and it will fix everything should finish the load and start right up. Tried that nothing, called back got different tech, he ran through a whole load of steps for trouble shooting even ones first guy didn't do, then he found out first tech loaded a titan tune program which is a world different from ours, including the transmission control features, still a large brick in the drive way after over an hour on the phone. He finally said call a tow truck and have it towed to nearest dealership and that they would pay for the tow and the re-flash of the ecu. Get it to the dealership the next am (saturday) ecu re-flash wont work ecu fried and none on hand so have to order one, bullydog tech said they would pay for new ecu and for rental car for weekend, so got car went home, 45 mins away. Get call Tuesday that ecu is in but, when they plugged it in and tried to start the truck that the new one got fried too. Told them to dig into it to see where the problem is and i called bully dog they said “we will pay for the ecu but past that it's not our fault”. Had dealership head service manager call and email, week or so went by kept bugging them, that got no where. By this point dealership had determined the TCM (transmission control module) was dead and that it got fried in such a way that a new ecu was just going to die each time on was plugged in. With the 2nd gen X they decided to put the TCM inside the transmission so you can't just replace it you have to replace the whole transmission. So now we are at over 8k in estimated parts and labor to fix all this to get the X back up and running and still not 100% that was all that was involved. At this point bullydog stopped returning calls, week or so went by and I continued to call and bug them, finally got a call back from head person over tech support and claims, he said “there is no way this is our fault since our tuner does not control the transmission on an Xterra, we will cover the tow and ecm, but that is all”. So I got a lawyer and then decided to also contact my insurance company (have full coverage and though heck what is the comprehensive for). Lawyer was going to start processes, but insurance company said they would handle it and told lawyer we would let the insurance company and their team of lawyers handle it. Insurance company said all we had to cover was our deductible, which is $500 so that is all we had out of pocket. Insurance company got new transmission (actually low mileage salvaged with warranty), new ecu and new ipdm, and wiring harness, this got the X back up and running. While the insurance company went after bullydog. Long story short tech support guy f'd it all up and it only got worse, they out source their coding to China (verified that) so quality control is not an in house thing. I will never go with them as a tuner again just can't afford to take that risk, I mean a $300 tuner cost me that plus my $500 deductible. I have talked to uprev they are in Austin and my brother-in-law (owns software development company) and knows about their coding so I will go with them. I am not trying to be slanderous towards bullydog in any way shape or form, just merely relate how their product royal screwed my X and then they just kind of left me stranded.

I still have the bullydog tuner, if someone wants it I might send it to you, but I will have absolutely no liability if it does the same to any other truck. I also know of guys that have one with zero problems, so either I'm really really unlucky or that tech really messed up.

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My BD won't re-install past 75% either and when I try to update it on the PC, I get a message saying it's locked into the truck's ECU. It still works as a gauge and shows all the truck functions, but I can't tell which tune I'm currently running.

Planning to install a rebuilt motor sometime within the next year, so I will just leave the BD for now and swap out to an UpRev when I get the new motor...with headers:)

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I just found your build thread and read you bullydog story. Man I wouldn't even "give" that tunner to anyone now that its been cursed by tech support. Take a shotgun too it and sleep better at night knowing it wont haunt anyone else ever again!

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It was offroad coming down a trail when some jerk was coming up on the left side of a two wide area. My friend whom i was following down managed to get stopped before head on or off cliff, but I slid into his tire slow that my son didnt even wake up my son and no air bag pop. Only real damage is the hood and the fact the upper bumper bracket buckled into the trans i was pretty much dead on the trail, managed to get down via coasting and some towing down to where a tow truck could get me. If i would have had a winch bumper i would have been fine more damage to him but fine on my end, as it is his tire carrier flexed a bit into the tailgate and popped the back glass.

Good part is everyone was okay, everyone that is except my xterra...but it will be fixed soon and i will be getting a bumper now...
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