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Hi Lift Jack mount. Easy, removeable.

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Quick Hi Lift Jack Mount.
Here it is installed, Cost? About $30 - $45 with the use of the RED jack handle retainer (suggested) .

You will need, 3. Small Quick Fists grips, 1. Handle keepeer for hi Lift Jack, and 3 Horizonal Mighty Mounts. 3 small washers to put on bolt before securing quick fist to mighty mount.

This set up hold's it like a gorilla would! The rubber'Quick fists' keeps it from making noise or vibrating, plus adds that extra grip to keep it from moving fore and aft, The way I have it mounted, the foot of the jack almost butts up to the front bin, in any case (Like an accident ) it might want to move FWD, it will hit the bin and stop.

Two are used in front to keep jack from twisting in the mounts.

It's two Horz. Mighty Mounts up front, the Quick Fist things bolted to them opposed. You see pic of it closed, Imagine it open. One quick Fist grabs the jack in front while right next to that the other grabs the handle, They mesh together when you install it as discribed below. It's TIGHT!

Here is how the back sets up, again but only 1 Horz. mighty Mount and 1 Quick fist bolted to it.

To install, ya just open bolt it all on like pictured, (15 Min max) then open the jack handle, set the BACK in, then the Pass side front, secure the 2 outboard QUICK FISTS Close the handle while guiding it into the third (inboard front) Quick Fist..... At this point there is a good amont of resistance (It feels great) Now, slide the Jack Handle retainer down into place (The RED Thing) Now secure that last Quick Fist by pushing the tab towards driver side and down.

It works great! I can stand in the door jam and have it off in like 10 seconds!

UPDATE Ok I have road tested this setup for 1000 miles all types of roads, It never budged an inch, no rattle you never know it's up there. It removes easily and mounts can also be easily removed/installed once set up. I am 110% satisfied with this MOD. The mounts come off quik too in case you don't want to run with them. (or donate to local criminals)

I got all parts from dealer, Mighty mounts, and Blue Hummer Although you might search for quick fists, A Hi Lift Jack handle keeper is available anywhere Hi Lift Jacks are sold!

Thanks for looking!
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That's pretty cool for the long ones. I have one of the 4ft. jacks and discovered that it fits nice and snug under the rear seats. Seats still lock down and hold the jack nicely in place so that the jack won't shift one bit. I trail tested it, and it works great. If you get one of the handle isolators, it doesn't rattle at all. Even without the isolator, it only rattles once and a while on some rough trails. :toothy8:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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