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Help w/ wiring diagrams on Hella 500 light kit

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Ordered a Hella 500 driving light kit from in anticipation of the Shrock front bumper that should be showing up within the next week or two.

As you would suspect, the instructions include two different diagrams, one for wiring them into the headlights (so that they come on with the highbeams) and wiring for wiring them with a switch, independent of the headlights. The strange part is, BOTH diagrams show a wire being spliced into the high beam headlight wire.

Also, the diagram shows two contact points on the switch that need to be wired, but the diagram shows them as bein side-by-side. One wire goes to the relay and the other wire goes to the high beams (WTF?) The switch, of course, has three contact points that run from top to bottom.

I helped a friend wire up two Warn spotlights on his FJ this last weekend. The wiring kit was essentially the same. On his switch, the top contact point went to a ground wire, the middle wire went to a relay, and the bottom wire went to the positive terminal on the battery (there were two wires that went to the positive terminal altogether.

Can anyone help me clarify?
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Muzikman said:
Ok, first off, how do you want them to come on? Do you want them to only come on with Hi-beams, only with Lo-beams, only with marker lights or with no lights at all?

I use a dash switch to turn the lights on and off as desired, but I wired mine into the marker lights so that they couldn't be turned on and left on by accident (if I turn off the maker lights the Hella's turn off (even if the switch is on). If I forget to turn off the marker lights I get the annoying beep when I go to get out).
Oh yeah (slapping hand on forehead), I should have mentioned that I wanted to run the aux lights independent of everything else. Although... that marker light thing is pretty cool.
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