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Help w/ Tail Light Guards

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OK so I bought the black tail light guards off ebay, and I'm rather hesitant to drill into the X, and the instructions that came with them are a bit crappy- they reference pictures a lot, and there are no pictures whatsoever. does anyone on here have them, and how did you install them?

thanks guys!
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dragonplayboy said:
ha ha ha. It's simple, yet meticulous at the same time. I'll try to bang it out this weekend. Also, I yanked off my nissan badge tonight, but it was a son of a bitch to get all the glue residue off. anyone know how to get that stuff off more easily?
I use this product called OOPS. It worked like a charm when I de-badged my X and it works on everything. This stuff work 10 times better than Goo Gone.

dragonplayboy said:
well I'd be worried about anything that says it removes paint... but if it worked for you with no paint missing I might be down...
You know...I'm not sure why it says it removes paint, I know it can remove spray paint for sure when its still fresh. I never let it sit I just put some on a rag and wiped off the sticky icky and it didn't do any damage at all, plus it saved from scrathes from trying to scratch it off.
Hey update on the OOPS. It removes latex paint. Works great for me.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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