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I'm looking to get in on Nisstec's summer sale, which ends tomorrow. I could use some advice and user experience comments on the options I am looking at.

I am looking for 2.5" of lift with heavy bumpers and skids and had been planning to get the extended length ultimate with the following options:

2.0 radflo fronts
Cam bolts
OME HD rear leaf pack
Bilstein rear shocks
Adjustable shackles (nisstec indicated these would be needed for 2.5" and heavy bumpers/skids)
Extended brake lines

Reading through the forum it looks like a lot of guys have to cut the LCA off and replace w new to get the cam bolts installed.

With that in mind I have some questions:
1) Is the benefit of the cam bolts so great that it outweighs the PITA factor of having to replace the control arms? Seems like this opens up a can of worms thst I might be ok w keeping closed.

2) Depending upon the answer above, if I am going to be replacing both control arms, I am halfway to a titan swap anyway. Shouldn't I just go whole hog? I would need to run the PRG extended axles for at least a year as sourcing the diff stuff is a longer lead time than I am looking for here. I would get the dirt king TS UCA's and used OEM LCA's

3) Is the 2.5" radflo a big enough upgrade over the 2.0? $199.

4) Same question for radflo rears. Worth the $175? Nisstec says bilsteins are probably the better rear option for me, I'm inclined to take their advice here.

I also reached out to Nisstec for some advice on this but user experience would be great. I have searched through many threads on suspension lift options and did not see these asked so hopefully you guys don't flame me for asking for your advice as well.

Thanks in advance!


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It's really all what you plan on doing with your vehicle and your budget. I can comment on the cam bolts, in that over 2" you really need that extra adjustment not provided by just the upper arms. If you are already spending all that money, just buy the uppers and be done with it.

If you decide to go in a different direction a year from now, there's always people willing to buy your old gear to help supplement the upgrade.
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