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So the right rear axle shaft in my '05 Xterra Offroad sheared off at the snap ring above the retainer. For those who don't have an elocker in their m226, the "Offroad/Nismo/Pro4x" m226 diffs have the right shaft slightly longer than the left. This has left me with the option of buying OEM new @ $1200 CDN plus 4 weeks or $600 for China special and 2 weeks off or find a used one. I went for used and found the only axle this side of the country 40km away from me (Vancouver Island) Got new bearings, and put it back together. I guess no one, myself included, decided to check to see if the thing was straight. Nope. So I am in a bind to find another used one. Is there anyone out there that has done a Titan swap or another project and still has their old elocker m226 with an available right rear axleshaft? Would be very helpful.
Thank you.
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