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Hello from St Louis

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Hi to all. Been using the site for a few months and finally got around to joining.

I want to thank everyone for all the great info. After several years of wanting one, I finally took the plunge on 9/13/06 and I'm now the proud papa of my first X. It's an '06 Super Black S 4X2. Only regret is maybe I should have gotten a 4X4, but man do I love this thing! I've got about 3,500 miles on it already.

Thanks again everybody!
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Welcome to the club. :wave:

Don't feel bad about having only 2wd. That's how I started out. You can still wheel your rig. Granted you won't be able to do certain things but it iwll make you a better driver as you'll have to pick your lines a lot better then those with 4wd. I was able to keep up with most of the 4wd vehicles on the trails that I went out with when I had 2wd. In fact there has been a couple of times that I went out on trails and stayed in 2wd making it the entire trail.
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