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Hello from San Antonio Texas

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Hey X-people hows it going, while I don't have an X yet hopefully I will being getting one by the end of the year in Midnight blue and the Blue/Graphite interior. All I really want in my OR model is the 6-speed and the RF, everything else to me is overkill and to many aftermarket companies make great places to stash trail gear so the cargo configurations is not needed. Until I get my I guess I'm stuck offroading my 1-ton z71 and DD'ing my frontier.

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Welcome to The New X! Nice pictures by the way...

I hope to see you meet your goal of getting your X. :cheers:
Welcome to the forum.....those frontier tires do NOT look snow rated :)
Well, Hi there.
Looks as though you're having fun as well, by your pics !

Welcome !

Jim B
:pirate: Ahoy, Matey! :newb: Welcome! Yer on a site dedicated to Nissan's, "Next Generation Xterra." Step aboard, take in what you can, but promise to share what you learn! :3some:
Why the heck do you need an X when you have those???
Welcome!!! :cheers:
lifeinthesouth said:
Why the heck do you need an X when you have those???
Welcome!!! :cheers:
1) I'm gunna SAS the chevy and put it on 46 claws and be a mud bogger.
2) My brother has an atomic orange 03 and I fell it love.
3) the frontier will go for the new X to come.
Welcome :wav:
Welcome. :wave:
My re-introduction

Hey fellas you may remember me from back in the day I have a 1-ton z71 and frontier XE.

Been well over a year since I have been around. I was never ale to find my OR X so I ended up getting a 05 GMC canyon. Here how its sits now after I bought it stock. 7.5 inches on 35's.

I was really upset that after 5 monthes of searching not even local dealers could get ahold of the OR model. But yet again I got the itch for an urban assault SUV haha. So I hope this time around I can find me one and join the ranks!!
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Welcome back - Nice rigs!
Welcome back. Good luck on the search.
Welcom and good luck with the search. Btw, is an urban assault vehicle analogous to mall crawler?
Hey, I recognize you from SA Offoad. Saw your Welcome post back in the day, welcome to The New X!!!
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