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Alright technically, I live in Fall River, MA. But because it’s a temporary residence, a terrible place, I wish I lived in CT, and I was raised in Rhode Island I’m saying New England...please don’t kill me.

So I just bought a 2005 OR and after getting my wife on board I’m gearing up to tear the engine apart and get some of the cobwebs out and taken care of. 183K miles and the body looks great. Frame is surprisingly clean for up here. I’ve done a good amount of research (all you Xterra owners who do your own work and put the time into updating and sharing info deserve all the praise, honor, and respect I can give!) I’m working with my friend soon, who is a mechanic, to replace the timing chain, new head gaskets, spark plugs, and all of the oils, new radiator (Koyo), adding a diff breather & steel cover, just to be safe.

I’ve wanted an Xterra for 5 years or so now but finally got one home. I’m planning on making a video and documenting the transformation as I lean towards bigger better mods! Like bumpers, skid plates, custom interior and storage, solar panel maybe, I don’t know I’m just excited and a little crazy.

Anyway just a 29 year old saying Hi! And thank you for all you’ve already done.

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