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Hello from Indy!!

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Hey everyone. Love the site!
Been a member at XOC forever, but love this format even more, I think. :cheers:
Currently am selling my Yellow 2002 SE/SC for an identical 2006 OR.
Going to pick it up right after the first of the year.

I am a professional photographer here in Indiana. I am a storm chaser and fire photographer and use my Xterra as a chase vehicle. Tons of mods and equipment that I will share with you guys at a later time.

Anyway, HELLO!

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Welcome Duck! I took a look at some of the shots on the website you posted and those are incredible.
Welcome! I am glad you came over. I also traded a 02 SE/SC and I am very very happy with the switch. The power alone was worth it.

Cool job you got there. My brother has been trying to convince me to join his station so I can shoot pictures for them. Looks like an interesting job.
Welcome, I will be traveling through Indy on Xmas, if you see a granite X roaring down 465 with MN plates it might be me :geek:
Welcome to the club. :wave:
Yello there and welcome! :cheers:

Photographers and Xterra's seem to find each other.
Welcome, saw your work, very cool! MC
Welcome :wave:
:pirate: Ahoy, Matey! :newb: Welcome! Yer on a site dedicated to Nissan's, "Next Generation Xterra." Step aboard, take in what you can, but promise to share what you learn! :3some:
Welcome!! :cheers:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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