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Hello from Delaware

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Hello all from Delaware.

Recently purchased a 2006 4x4 X 6 speed manual in Midnight Blue.

Traded in our 01 Super Black SE after a minor "mishap" with dealer service.

Recently got back into offroading so I guess it was a good time to get into a new generation X.

Look forward to learning a lot on here.
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Welcome :wav:
wow.. i don't thik you are over reacting at all i would have done the same if not more. I don't care how mch you love a truck family safety is always more important. Thankfuly no one was hurt and now you have a new gen X! at least something good came out of it! :blackeye:
Delaware_X said:
Vehicle fires scare me.

I drag race, and have seen cars catch on fire at the track. It's some scary stuff.

My car isn't fast enough to have a mandatory fire supression system, but I do have an extinguiser I'm going to mount somewhere in the car.

And after this, the Altima and new X are getting them.

I was thinking in the x I could drill into the rear cargo panel and mount it there.
I have a small fire extinguisher a bit smaller than a two litter soda bottle it fits perfectly in the door space for drinks. It is right on hand for an emergency. there is no shaking or rubbing
I am finaly home. I thought you might want to see these

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Delaware_X said:
I have them. I honestly never noticed before.
great. the fire extinguisher is not more than $15
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