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I was at my local walmart and noticed that they carry a new hella 500FF series driving light. According to hella's website, the FF or FreeFlow technology has something to do with how they project the beam.

This was taken from Hella's website:
Hella's modern Free Form (FF) lighting technology is the result of a highly sophisticated computer-assisted design system that perfectly coordinates the shape of the reflector with the light source, thus producing the most efficient possible light output. The fog lamp illuminates the roadway over a broad area without dazzling oncoming traffic, while the driving lamp produces a far-reaching, accurately directed light.

Hella FF lamps are available in Xenon and halogen models, in a variety of shapes to fit almost any vehicle. Clear lens design is a hallmark of FF design and provides a clean look on the vehicle.

I just bought the regular 500's and the only difference is that the lens of the 500FF's have no lines in it. It basically has a smooth glass face. Are these supposed to be better or should i just keep my regular 500's. These are also 6 bux cheaper.
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