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Headunit Recomendations?

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Have been thinking on replacing the stock stereo with one that is MP3 compatible. Don't have an ipod, so I was thinking on getting one with either an USB connection or a SD input or both.
I found a DD Kenwood (DXP-501/502) that looks like it would fit the bill, but would that be too much/too little for the stock speakers?
Is there something better out there that I haven't seen?
Would a single DIN be a better idea or one with a touch screen?
I'm not looking for anything fancy, probably won't do anything more than upgrade the speakers at some point. The last time I did anything car stereo wise was an underdash Craig FM/cassette player. Yea it's been a while.
If I've forgotten anything or not considered anything LMK
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My theory is to buy a little more than you need. You say you might only replace the factory speakers. Would you want to put an amp to them? If so you would need a couple pre-amp out puts.

You could also just get one that is MP3 capable and burn them to a disc. You can get a 200-300 tracks per disc.

I am looking at an Alpine or a Pioneer in the $179 range but they both have 3 pre-amps and can control an Ipod with a cable.

There are some pretty decent ones out there for around $100-$130 is you aren't looking to do much with it.

My last cd player in my jeep was a $80 Aiwa and was probably one of the best I ever had. Only down fall is it that is only had 1 pre amp output.

Ok I have rambled enough with no true answer.
I am sure you saw this but you can see what others are going with
Yeah I saw that and read through that thread. Initially I had thought of going with the complete nav system, but the price was way too expencsive for me.
Seriously don't think I would be adding an amp, and even upgrading speakers is less than 50-50.
Going this way I can get a new handheld GPS and radio and still have money left over for something else.
well wht kind og MP3 doyou have. overall youll want smething to charge it if possible.
lostboy, i have the alpinewith ipod cable ad absolutly love it!
No MP3 player, which is the reason for the USB port. Jump drives and discs are cheaper than MP3 players, and honestly I don't have an use for MP3 players.
My job requires me to be alert at all times, so headphones (or earbuds) are forbidden, and I've never really liked them anyway.
This would be for long trips, as the wife drives the X and I have a compnay vehicle.
head unit

I just installed the new Kenwood DPX-501. Sounds sweet!
Re: head unit

ptlm15125 said:
I just installed the new Kenwood DPX-501. Sounds sweet!
Good to here that, as that is still my top choice.
But I also found this:

Clarion DFZ675MC
Seems to have lots of features for the money, though not familiar with Clarion quality. I think I read somewhere that the stock radio is a Clarion, though I can't swear to it.
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Head unit

I was looking at the Clarion, but the Kenwood I got for $182.00 on Ebay. Worth saving the $100. Yes the factory is a Clarion, Nissan has used them for years. I worked for Nissan back in 1991 and they used them then
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