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Spent the day on Sunday looking for campsites for next week. We headed up on a forest service road near Harrison Lake just east of Vancouver. Found about 1/2 a dozen lakes with a couple of them being awesome for fishing and camping. Was my first real off road trip. Took it easy as I was not with any other rigs. But did put it in 4 wheel drive for a bit when climbing up a short steep hill with lose dirt. It was fun, now I'm goign back with the kids next week with a tent trailer. Then a couple of weeks my girlfiend and I will head out to Wood Lake for some tenting. It was further out and on rougher road with some good trails to head down.

I did run into an FJ (yellow) on my way back. It stands out, but I think it looks too extreme.
Anyway, will try and put some pics on here!!

Hope this worked!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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